Coffee machine cleaners

Does anyone have any information about coffee machine cleaners? I have a Sunbeam and the tablets for it vary in price hugely. And they’re a quarter as expensive as the machines on some websites! Is there anything wrong with using the powder descales from hardware?

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I presume you have an espresso machine?

I have been using Cafetto Cino Cleano tablets (from ebay) for over a decade with no worries, and for descaling just vinegar water per the machine instructions. I do a cleaning cycle every 2nd month and a descale cycle every 6. Caveat, I am in the Yarra Valley Water district that has very good water quality.

Granules seem less efficacious than tablets because the tablets do not all dissolve at once like granules are prone to do.


The Cafetto Cino Cleano tablets are good for a pump machine, and Cafetto Espresso Clean (powder) for a machine with a boiler. I live in SA, and having had an expensive clean-out of my boiler machine, I now use a reliable spring water which has an extremely low calcium/magnesium content. You can fit a filter system to deal with calcium/magnesium. It’s a bit like the old water softener (SA people might remember what I’m referring to), and it can be fitted in conjunction with a standard water filter system to your sink. Standard filter systems don’t deal with calcium/magnesium. A small amount of powder (tablet will probably do it) in a SS jug topped with water, then soak, will also give your group handle and basket(s) a good clean.