Clothing retailers, pharmacies worst offenders in Consumer Law spot check

Clothing shops, discount variety stores and pharmacies were among the worst offenders in a spot check of businesses failing to uphold Australian Consumer Law by refusing refunds on purchases.

Have you noticed a ‘No Refunds’ sign? Let us know in the comments below.


I used to see it a lot, but much less nowadays. And if I do see it, I usually make a nice diplomatic point.

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Yes, Calma Spa in Malvern refused to refund me around $100 for a product that I returned unused . They would only give me a credit but no documentation to cover this credit. As their system is not very good, I presume that I will never get it back.

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One time I had a defective Ipad. It was 3 months in the warranty period of 1 year. I brought back to be met with obfuscation that I had to contact Apple to deal with it. I protested vehemently and told them that it was their responsibility to honour the warranty. They tried to fob me off. I started raising my voice in the shop and was told to wait to speak to the manager. She came out and told me that I was correct. They will get replacement. When it arrived after driving 60km to get it, I was told that the warranty would be only 3 months as it is refurbished.

I was appalled and mentioned that “if you went to buy a fridge after yours was not working would you accept a second hand item”? I was fuming and threaten to go to consumer affairs. This was quickly met with a written warranty for another year. But I insisted on my money back or a new one. After a while they decided to give me a new one.

You have to stick to your position and stand for your rights under Australian laws…I refused to be fobbed off and it paid off.


Well done @pegi228. What shocking treatment from the store too

I purchased a garment from Noni B in the Glen Shopping Centre. When I wore it the sparkles flaked off and everywhere I went there was a trail of sparkles. You could see where I had been!. I contacted Noni B via their website and told them and reminded them that the product did not meet consumer affairs “fitness for purpose”. I had bought a sparkly garment for a purpose, when the sparkles had gone which would certainly be the next time I wore it it would not longer be a sparkly garment and would be a plain, drab grey which I would not wear. I am still waiting for their response - 6 weeks.