CHOICE tests reveal cleaning wipes claims aren’t so sparkling

A CHOICE test has found 4 out of 5 cleaning wipes failed to remove any dirt although their packs make claims such as “powers through grease, grime and dirt” and “one-step dirt lift”.

Although cleaning wipes didn’t exactly wipe the floor, the good news is some multipurpose sprays and liquids performed very well. To see how all of the 27 multipurpose sprays, liquids and wipes performed check out our test results here.

What do you use to clean household surfaces?

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Bi carb & vinegar are the best for most cleaning. Tea tree oil & water in. Small spray bottle very good too. Robyn

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General cleaning use microfibre cloth in warm water with a small amount of bleach.

If need to clean greasy areas (e.g. build up ontop of kitchen cabinets), use microfibre cloth in warm water with dishwashing fluid.

Windows use a water filled spray bottle with microfibre and paper towels. Works bettre than any bought window cleaner.

In shower, use a purpose made shower cleaner (orange power) and wiping tiles/fixtures with microfibre. Wiping when wet with cleaner improves its performance.

Would never use a disposable wipe (as tested above) as this leads to one use waste polluting the wider environment. It should be discouraged.

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Vinegar or Spray and Wipe or Pine oClean with a chux cloth. Depending what i am cleaning. Yes i always that wipes were a waste of money.
Thanks for yr info!!

I use cleaning products and baby wipes as craft items to distress and remove acrylic paint and for cleaning my paint brushes, a task they do very well! I would not put them anywhere near skin particularly if they are baby wipes or contain alcohol, or use them to polish furniture made from wood or which has been varnished, and have had some plastics melt when using an orange cleaning product that was supposed to be safe for one’s hands. I’m not sure what they would do to the surface of tiles because they will destroy the finish on them sooner or later, depending on the brand.

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