Choice sponsored post on Face Book = click bait?

So why when I click the “Learn More” buttons in or below the video on fridges it takes me to dash cams?

Poor form.


‘click bait’ implies deliberate deception to entice someone to go somewhere they would not otherwise have gone, usually with an ulterior motive, like selling something. Is it possible this is just a simple mistake? or are you suggesting Choice have deliberately done this?


No suggestion of being deliberate (I hope) just poor coding or carelessness. Either way not good.

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Perhaps a more efficacious approach to resolving the problem would be to notify Choice of the ‘poor coding or carelessness’ via a private message or email?

On this forum, private messaging @BrendanMays directly is likely to be very effective.

You could also do this on Facebook by navigating to the Choice page and clicking on “Send Message”

Their Facebook page also has a convenient link to the Choice Website, which has the following contact information that could be used to alert them to the error:

The same page also has a convenient ‘Send us a message’ form …


Hi @omy005aw, apologies for the error, agreed that it’s no good. It was likely a mistake when loading the ad, we’re getting it updated now.

Thanks for letting us know :thumbsup:


No worries, keep up the good work.