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Sometimes it’s a few weeks or more between Choice website visits.
I take a look & every article is fresh. Wonderful - something to catch up on.
But I can’t see a way to browse anything I’ve missed.
Is this functionality there & I’ve missed it? -> Chat has just confirmed the function not available.

Choice is doing itself a disservice by not showing all it is doing.
Relying on a site search is not OK. For example I do not search Olive Oils today before going to the supermarket. If I missed out as it passed down the short front page list, in my mind its never been there. So, hey, Choice isn’t doing much - I won’t renew, comes to mind.

Even worse for taking action, recall news etc. The front page approach relies on very regular site visits.
It wouldn’t take much to add links to chronology of tests, news etc.


nb. I confused with as the target site… seems they have code that could do the job just on the ‘wrong’ site…

You should see an unread category atop your page. Not fully chronological re posts but is it close enough?


Yes I should have been clear I meant the website. Contents of the “Site Feedback” category is quite broad including both Community & itself. I’m not sure that was intent. I couldn’t immediately see a more appropriate category.


On Choice Community if you click “Latest” from the Hamburger they are listed in Chrono order and of course those in bold have unread items.


Thanks for the feedback @Kanga2, I’ll be sure to pass it on to our digital team. Maybe it’s something we can develop for the website or in some other way in the future.


This could be done by cookies, and adding an option in the menu to present the viewer only with new content since the last visit.

It would make the site more user friendly. :slight_smile: