Choice of split-system air con - which Mitsubishi Heavy Industries model?

I’m seeking a firm to install a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries model SRK63ZRA-W.

I’m now talking to a firm who want to install a SRK63ZSA-W. Only one letter different. I’m assured “it’s just a later model”. But I’m not convinced about it. It seems to be significantly cheaper than the “…ZRA-W” and I wonder why. I can’t find its specs anywhere online (the firm promises to send them), nor much mention of it at all. I have no assurance that it would attract Choice’s top imprimatur.

Anyone got info or advice to offer?


I’ll see if I can confirm that info for you @oraymo1 :thumbsup:


I have sent an email to @BrendanMays that he can forward to you that has a pdf from Mitsubishi with those model types in.

The SRK means it is a wall mounted internal unit the 63 is the kw ie 6.3 kw ZS and ZR are two different models A-W sorry no idea what those mean unless it refers to both the indoor and out door units as a combo.

Ok this is the drum :slight_smile: from Mitsubishi:

SRK-ZRA-W (Bronte series) is for 6.3 kw systems and above so the SRK63ZRA-W is a 6.3 kw with the internal unit wall mounted.

There is no 6.3 kw unit in the Avanti range ie the SRK-ZSA-W so no SRK63ZSA-W most they go to is 5.0 kw ie SRK50ZSA-W

Product pages:


Thank you very much for this interesting information. I’ll send it to the firm and see what they say.,


Those final details came from phone calls to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Avanti & Bronte are used to differentiate the 5.0 kw and less from the 6.3 kw and higher units. The naming came from the European arm and was just used here rather than renaming.

They told me when I gave the ZSA unit details that it was probably a mix up by the supplier/installer when quoting the unit model number.


Great work @grahroll, that’s the info I have received as well.

As far as we can determine @oraymo1 , Mitsubishi Heavy does not have a model SRK63ZSA-W. It is not listed in the models they provide to us, nor on their website, nor in the energy registration database.

There are a handful of online dealers selling a model ‘SRK63ZSA-W’, but we can’t tell what the product actually is from their websites. It could be an admin error somewhere along the line or something else. In any case, you might be better off sourcing the actual model ‘SRK63ZRA-W’ to be sure you’re going to get the desired performance results.

If you receive any more info - photos of the model or advice from the firm - be sure to let us know.


Thank you very much, Brendan. The firm has not come back with the promised specs so I guess they’ve discovered that their man invented a non-existent model. And the woman in their office suggested that the ZSA was “just a later model” which is clearly nonsense. I am seeking to go with different firm with the right model.