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I have been an ACA member and Choice subscriber for many years. When the on-line service started, I was a little annoyed at the extra subscription, but what I needed seemed to be in the magazines anyway, so I didn’t pay. Lately I noticed an emerging disconnect between magazine and on-line. For example, I was looking at Convection Microwaves, on-line was member only, but it would be in the October mag - but that “Test” turned out to be a short list of recommended models. I bought a conventional recommended microwave.

Then my subscription was due. I was pleasantly surprised to find I could roll all my 2 yearly magazine subscriptions together, and for the equivalent cost of 3 months, get on-line access for 2 years. I am a convert, and now I am seeing a much wider range of test and advice material than what can be economically published in the magazine. Thank you Choice.


Thanks for the positive feedback @zackarii, glad the current offering is working for you.


Hi Choice,
I’d really like to become a Choice subscriber.

However, there is no way that I will set up a recurring payment from a credit card to ANYBODY until I have at least sampled the service for a period… full stop.

I’m happy, for example, to pay for a One year subscription, then assess the service at year end.

There are just too many companies that are ripping people off on recurring payments, and/or delays in cancelling said recurring payments.

I’m of the view that if I let my subscription lapse, and the organization is not clever enough to send a reminder, then the organization is not worthy of my business.

Is there some alternative payment method that will allow me to assess Choice services prior to the shonky recurring payment deal?

Kind regards


Hi @spaceysChoice, welcome to the community.

If you are interested in the Choice or Choice Computer Magazine…

Need help?

Call our customer service team on 1800 069 552 (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm AEST or AEDT). We can help you with CHOICE or CHOICE Computer magazine-only subscriptions, and special gift or school / organisational memberships.

For online membership, if you want to try it before committing to a long term you can take out the quarterly membership for $26.95 and then cancel the membership soon after enjoying access. I understand that you will continue to have access until the quarterly access expires.

If you decide after a short time you would like to be a long term subscriber, I understand you can swap to an annual or two yearly to benefit from the discount offered for long term access.

@BrendanMays or @jhook from Choice will be able to confirm the above.


Thanks PHB (Community Moderator),

I will await advice from Choice before progressing.

I’m surprised that people are comfortable with this billing scenario.

My experience (and friends) with online companies is that cancelling recurring payments is problematic.

Both from:

  • A user perspective (forgetting to cancel or cancelling too late then slugged with unwanted fees for another unwanted period); and

  • A company perspective not having staffing to respond appropriately or simply an unwillingness to let go of the income stream.

I have examples, but I’m not going to publicly name them for fear of retribution. Big pockets and legal teams…

Kind regards


Hi @spaceysChoice,

No worries, I can understand where you are coming from. I’d encourage you to give our customer service a call on 1800 069 552 so they can sort out an acceptable solution.

Kind regards,


ON several occasions now, my membership has helped AND saved me money! I posted the instance of supporting a “crowdfunding company” due to covid were unable to deliver on their timeline. I gave them some “lee way” and they soon used the excuse to push their product out to over another 9 months ( all the while crowdfunding the same item on the competitor site making another $900,000). So I cited Australian Consumer Law when they refused to refund, they chose not to commit to a new revised date! And forwarded my refund.

The next was a facebook product that demonstarted an “automated engraving machine” the video showed it printing out much like a document would. When it arrived it was a battery operated “handheld” pen engraver. So I sought a refund, initially the e-tailer chose to offer a small sum to keep the item and not bother with a refund. I insisted on a full refund, which was declined. As the item was paid for with a creditcard I lodged a “chargeback refund”. Citing that the product on the reciept listed it as a “printer and cutter set”. The Credit card company agreed when I sent them a picture of the pen engraver.

I also have a subscription payment that was constantly being dishonored through a reputable payment company. Upon enquiry the company claimed that I had cancelled the agreement! I asked them to tell me the “ip address” that was used to cancel the transaction ( i run a VPN) they could not give me the address ( even a VPN has a pseudo address). I once again cited Australian Consumer law, and also informed them that I would lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority - the cancelled item was never found and the four payments that were dishonored were credited to my account ( which I promptly forwarded to the retailer of the subscription who had spent considerable time trying to rectify at their end beliving that their computer and IT systems were faulty)…


I think it will be great if Choice can offer to sell a product review report in addition to the subscription model. My Samsung washing machine recently broke down (more than 10 years old) and I am researching my next washing machine. However, I can’t justify the cost of subscribing for 3 months to just look at the washing machines review. I have no interest in looking at other reviews in Choice.

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Welcome to the Community @Moifa

I merged your post to this existing one about subscription issues.

Choice staff will see your comment. If you are not aware some libraries have subscriptions to the Choice magazine in hard and/or digital formats, although the online site is more up to date and inclusive re tests because of publishing issues.

Your comment recurs from time to time and Choice did offer a pay for view service for a few years but as far as I know it was not popular because the cost was a fairly large percent of a minimum subscription. It was a test review not a specific product report. However when the costs of deploying, collecting, and validating a small amount for single views is considered it is probably not cost effective for the small audience, and the resources to do it are already backlogged with many projects for the regular membership.

In depth product reports would be something Choice has only done for cameo articles, once offs, to highlight new or unique products, and have not been routine publications. Developing them might not have a sufficient audience to justify it as a routine or on-demand product since the editorial efforts would be significantly beyond statistics, tables, and comments, not considering the distribution model.

Choice might surprise in future; this post is only my personal view.


The subscription charge of $26.95 is very small when compared to the upfront and ongoing costs associated with a washing machine. It may save you hundreds of dollars by reducing the chance of you buying the wrong machine.

The latest review covers 52 different machines. I would happily pay the subscription amount just to save the time and costs associated with individually assessing the pros and cons of just a few different models.


Recieved a letter from Choice today saying that the May/June 2024 issue of Choice Computer will be the last one, due to rising costs.

I did find it useful with practical advice as well as first looks at new offerings, technology etc. Always read the back cover first for the weird & wacky tech. Will miss it.


I used to do that, too! I missed it when I moved to an online subscription some years ago. It’s not in the regular member newsletters or online. :confused:

How about it, @BrendanMays? Could CHOICE bring this feature to the online site when the magazine ends - please? :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile: