CHOICE looking for people to talk about their international travel insurance experience

Hello Community.

CHOICE are recording some videos for Smartraveller that highlight the tips and advice in the CHOICE travel insurance buying guide on Smartraveller. We’re looking for some people with experience claiming on travel insurance who would be interested in talking about it on camera.
We’re particuarly interested in any experience with exclusions, existing medial conditions, or cruise travel insurance.
Whether it’s a good or a not so good experience, the main thing is if we can use your experience to help other people.
If you’re interested, please let me know below, or send an email to


Hello Jodi,

I would like to share my recent travel insurance claim (medical) experience with Choice. My travel insurance is with Commonwealth bank CC (CoverMore). During my travel I got sick (shingles) in Germany and needed to admit to the hospital (7 days) and the medical bill was quite high. As CoverMore was reluctant to reimburse my payments, I had to lodge a complaint with AFCA. After their intervention, CoverMore agreed to reimburse my payments.

I am still travelling and will be back in Australia at the beginning of December 2023.




I’m traumatised by my travel experience. We went to Fiji in 2022, as travel was restarting and there were good deals available to get the industry moving. The Fiji government had a requirement that travellers be tested for COVID within three days of arrival. My wife tested positive, and that was the end of the holiday for us. Our travel insurer paid the additional costs incurred due to the positive result, but we didn’t get anything back for flight or accommodation. I hate insurance companies.


Hi @WearyDad, welcome to the community and sharing with us a holiday one will never forget for the wrong reasons.

The reason flights and accommodation are unlikely to be refunded in a claim is because they were used. If for example, you were unable to travel on the day of departure from Australia, because of a positive Covid test, this would be a different scenario as flights and accommodation weren’t used.