CHOICE Journo callout - NDIS price gouging or 'twin-pricing'

Have you or someone you know had experiences being charged more for goods or services when the provider knew it was an NDIS recipient involved? I’m an investigative journalist with CHOICE and we are looking at price-gouging or ‘twin-pricing’ on the NDIS and want to hear your stories. Send me an email at


I’ve seen services and rental accommodation advertised for individuals with a disability. An important stipulation to utilise any of these ‘services’ is to have been allocated NDIS funding!! So you cannot access them with a disability unless they are given access to the NDIS funding. A bit stinky in my opinion.

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Are you agreeable to sharing this request on Facebook, or is that just going to stir up the trolls? NDIS is a big business in many towns, and I know anecdotally how much people can be paid for a simple babysitting job, even if the client’s diagnosed condition doesn’t need special management or attention.

I realise that it’s not your question, and the babysitters aren’t to blame, but it’s all part of the same service provision difficulties. In some cases, the gouging is the other way around, because a parent can hire a friend or relative for a high price, and the package pays for it, so it’s the taxpayer who bears the cost.

Perhaps you have another email address you’d be happy to share.

Please feel free to share, including my email.

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