Choice in the library

I used to enjoy the Choice Online access that I had when I subscribed to Choice Magazine.
Now I read the magazine in my local library. Despite multiple requests to access the online content, the librarians insist they do not have access.

I know this to be untrue because I have accessed Choice online with a previous shire, who were happy to give their members access whilst in the library.
I am frustrated because my current librarians won’t even look into whether they have access, they just shut me down immediately, saying “No, we don’t have access”.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or are there any suggestions as to how I might convince them to at least look into the possibility that they do have access to the online content?


Maybe they have only paid for the magazine subscription, and not the extra annual premium for online content.

It would also be interesting to get Choice’s views on sharing a single online membership to Choice say at a library or within a business/organisation. The T&Cs for online access state "You agree not to share your access privileges with any other person or organisation. " …“If you’re a business, library or school or another institution and would like access for multiple users to the premium or member parts of the Sites, we can arrange that.”. While I can’t answer for Choice, I wonder if there is an additional premium to allow the online access to be shared…like a multiuser access licence.

May be the library can’t warrant the cost to provide such access to a small number of potential library patrons.

Have a talk to your library to see why they can’t offer the online access to Choice as part of the library service. If it is because of cost and you can afford to pay the difference, see if you can pay the difference between the magazine and the online access/magazine costs.

Maybe they are unaware of “Different pricing plans are available for schools, libraries, not-for-profits and other organisations. Please call Customer Service on 1800 069 552 for more details.”. It may be worth giving them these contact details if they were not aware of this.

Also see if other libraries in the council area have online access. It may be worth visiting another nearby council library instead of trying to push your regular one for access.

In the end it is up to the library to determine if it provides such access.

Good luck.


Thank you! I obviously didn’t read the details of my subscription when I had one. I thought online access was just an automatic part of the subscription and I didn’t know there were conditions relating to schools, libraries etc.
Now I don’t feel so snarky towards the librarians…I thought they just couldn’t be bothered to look into it. Sorry librarians.