Childhood memories of the supermarket

When I was a kid maybe 3 or 4, my Mother used to buy me a small container of Ski passionfruit yoghurt when ever we went to the supermarket. I thought it was the best thing ever and I always looked forward to getting one from the supermarket fridge.

They don’t sell it any more! Bummer!

What were your favourites?


Hi Roony,

My mother never bought yoghurt for me, because she hated it and I didn’t even taste yoghurt until I was about 16. However, getting back to the childhood memories of the supermarket. I remember having a person to pack your bags for you. These days you’re lucky to get your groceries swiped for you.

My favourite was Fry’s Chocolate bars . I liked the five flavour the best .

@roony I loved those Ski yoghurts in a number of flavours too :slight_smile: These days I make my own yoghurt, 2l at a time. I use my own preserved or fresh fruit on it, or have it straight in drinks or on breakfast cereal (home made museli)

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Where oh where has the apricot yoghurt gone? One of the nice flavours that a number of my family miss.


I remember when supermarkets were still called grocers they very only small stores (compared to today) they only carried dry goods they didn’t try and ‘cut everyone else’s lunch’ as they were found only in suburban and town shopping strips with the butcher shop a few doors up and the green grocer another couple of doors away too, and if you had a lot of immigrants in the area you might have had a deli in the same shopping strip. That strip was complete with a milk bar/dairy, fish and chip shop that may or may not have made hamburgers, and a local garage on the corner which had a lube bay a couple of mechanics and a couple of local kids as pump jockeys.
And you knew all the proprietors by their first name and the knew you too.

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Ahh Yoghurt. I remember my mother writing to Choice & manufacturer about the reduction in contents with no change of price or packaging and being sufficiently annoyed to start making our own at home (I don’t think they had weights on packages then). My parents were subscribers from the second edition and I grew up in a very consumer aware household. We shopped on a Saturday morning as a family and learnt the price of things early. All goods were price labelled and manually rung up on a cash register and change mentally calculated. At home things were unloaded and the price was ticked off (no descriptions on the register tape back then). Discrepancies were noted and Dad went back for a refund if over charged, He was good about it. We bought from the butcher, grocer (fresh fruit & veg), dairy, and what couldn’t be bought there came from the “supermarket”. I remember my father doing the shopping when mother was in hospital. He had been studying economics - supply & demand and global manipulation of prices - when he noticed a price had gone up he refused to buy figuring they would be forced to lower prices. Crunch time came after we shopped and he wanted lunch cooked. I had to explain we couldn’t have his favourite dishes because we had refused to buy main ingredients. Back to the shops and a new lesson in consumerism - shoppers will pay higher if they want it badly enough. My mother is in her 80’s now, I am still a Choice subscriber and both still passionate about consumer rights. All thanks to our early shopping experiences.

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I used to love Jalna coffee yoghurt, but it was discontinued. A lot of things are discontinued when we come to enjoy them, and then the supermarket brings in all sorts of new things. I wonder if there is any reason for this.

You should visit your local IGA. The one in Kempsey still packs your groceries for you!