Childcare Centre Failure

An article regarding two toddlers escaping throught an open gate at a childcare centre in SEQ which the staff “did not know was open”.

One would expect that such gates would automatically close as per pool gates unles some moron kept it open.


An article regarding the alleged disgraceful fraudlent behaviour of a child care opertator.

I had to laught at this hypocrisy.

"In a statement to the ABC, lawyers representing Kidstart denied the company was engaged in fraudulent activity.

They said the company expressed its condolences to the Loh family."

So condolences makes it all OK?

And this disgrace.

"Despite legal proceedings continuing, Berry Patch had its ACECQA rating — the national standard all childcare operators are assessed on — upgraded from “meeting” expectations to “exceeding” expectations last year.

Documents obtained under freedom of information laws revealed the NSW Education Department closed the investigation into Arianna’s death after three days.

Emails obtained by the ABC show discussions between Education Department investigators, in which one claimed Education Minister Sarah Mitchell called Berry Patch Preschool within a week of Arianna’s death, and helped them reschedule a looming ACECQA assessment."

:“NSW Education Department regulators assessed Kidstart’s offices in Bankstown in May 2015 and, despite warning them to lift their standards, they were not visited again until after Jack died.”


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