Changed battery model solutions?

I bought a set of battery powered power tools the only thing missing was a battery charger and cradle. Not a big deal I thought but the construction of battery shapes had changed and the supply of charger and cradle options had dwindled to the point that cradle is very difficult to get (not yet found on the internet) however there are a number of chargers (maybe) still available. Then I saw a 30v 10Amp variable power supply for around the same price as the 18v Charger being a bit of a back yard experimenter I wondered if this would suit the purpose of charging other batteries and checking if other devices still worked?


It would not be a good idea to charge an 18V battery to 30V, except for potentially explosive/firey entertainment purposes (with suitable protection!), as sometimes seen online.

Contact the manufacturer/importer to see if you can get the proper charger.


A variable DC power supply should in theory be able to set both the voltage applied and the current supplied to charge a battery pack.
But I would stick to the charger supplied by the same maker as the battery pack. For both safety and warranty.


Hi @DServ, welcome to the community and for your first and a most interesting post.

This is something to watch when buying skins (skins is the term used when buying tools without charger and battery). Skins by themselves are mainly sold to consumers who already have another model in the suite of tools using the same battery…such as tradepeople or DIYers adding to their existing collection of tools. They can also be sold to first time buyers…but…there are risks as you have found out if the battery and charger is no longer available.

Often end of model skins are sold off cheaply and battery and chargers can be very hard to purchase…which you have found out. While it might not assist you now, if one plans to buy a new brand/model run skin only, it is important to check and purchase the battery and charger at the same time. If you don’t, you might find you have purchased a product you can’t use.

You could try and taking it back to the place of purchase (with your receipt/proof of purchase) to see if they have a change of mind policy which can be used for an exchange/refund. As it would be a change of mind, the retailer may chose not to assist you with changing your purchase…which means you may have to keep it and search far and wide for a suitable battery/charger. Also look for second hand ones on Gumtree/EBay as this might also be an option…but has risks as the battery may not perform like it was new.


Do you have the make and model of the skins as we might be able to help you search for a new/second hand one?


sorry I should have mentioned that the 30v supply should be variable to 18v the manufacturer is of the tools is Ozito the cradle appears to be non existent on the internet (I have a friend who may allow me to use her cradle) If I buy a charger (I can’t get an Ozito brand) it would be one that may or may not fit a variety of tools.


It is a set of Ozito power tools drill, driver and sabre saw. grey in colour with partly green decals and very little details. what they need is power charger plus cradle. The battery that I have may be flat or Just not chargeable but appears to be available on the internet. If I can get a charger or a variable power supply I should be able to make a cradle some how.


They were bought at a trash and treasure sale


If you are not aware Ozito is essentially the Bunnings house label. Have you approached Bunnings?


Okay, means that you took the ‘punt’ when buying them.

These are the ones available new from Bunnings:

There are also some available on eBay…

It is also worth searching Gumtree as there could be used battery and charges near you available for purchase second hand.


What type of battery is it?
EG, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, or lithium ion technology.

The details should be marked on the battery. Note that the charging requirements vary between battery types. If this does not mean anything it may be best to try and source the original Ozito cradle and power supply.

My battery power tools have the charging control electronics built into the cradle. It’s important to get the right charging equipment to suit the battery and type. It may help to take your battery to a specialist retailer such as Jaycar when looking for a suitable charger, or power supply for a cradle with built in charger.


Some of my older Ozito skins used NiCad batteries. These were mostly grey shells with some green touches on them. I have recently moved to Ryobi Lithium based as they seem to always be available and at times you can get extended warranty deals. There are a number of International brand names eg Ryobi, DeWalt, and Bosch that offer skins and battery tools.

The new Ozito batteries are the “Power Xchange” range (Lithium type) which use a red, silver & grey colour pattern instead of the old grey & green colour. Below is the 4.0Ah lithium one.



a new development I bought a charger for $20.00 that was suited for the newer models. checked on the internet and discovered that that the four terminals +, ID, NC, NTC, -, meant + and - as expected, ID and NC not connected, NTC neg temperature controller . I connected the + and - as usual and added a wire to the NTC and switched it. It started to charge but started to blink indicating a flault in the battery. so next step getting another battery.

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