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Ceramic cooktops review

We review ceramic cooktops (member content) to help you find the best ones for your kitchen. You can also check out our free buying guide for more general info on ceramic cooktops.

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I don’t understand why you would choose a ceramic cooktop. They are somewhat safer and easier to clean than the old exposed element electric stove but that is like saying your car tyres have better grip than banana skin. I realise that gas is not an option in some situations. If you are going electric, induction is way better than ceramic because it is:

  • quicker and more responsive which gives a better cooking control and ease of use
  • a more efficient use of electricity
  • easier to clean because the top does not get anywhere near as hot, with a ceramic the top is hot enough to burn on spills
  • safer due to the cooler top.

Induction used to be very, very expensive but that is no longer the case. Sure you can still pay $4000 or more for an induction top but you don’t have to. The average ceramic is probably cheaper than the average induction but the range of prices of the two styles overlaps and you can get a good induction for less that the top range ceramic.