CD PLAYERS maybe also with radio

Looking to buy a small CD player. nothing fancy just something to play my CD’s on. Maybe it can also have a radio. Oh yes, I could go down the spotify track and lots of other ways, but just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a small player. I think they are going out of fashion too…boo hoo. Thanks bubby


We had a Sony clock/radio/cd player we bought around 1996 and gave to Lifeline last year.

It never had a problem but when I tried to use it to play the Beatles song “When I’m 64” for my wife’s birthday a few years ago, I discovered that it could not play MP3 recordings.

I see this Sony unit on sale at JB Hi-Fi does play MP3 recordings.


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A small portable DVD player can also work well, it plays the CDs when you want and then if you want to watch a DVD in the back seat of your car, in a tent, or any place where you don’t want to be tied to 240V supply.

Big W sell a few the smallest is a 7 inch screen at $79

The following link has a bit more description of what it does and what is included


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I don’t suppose you have a computer of some form with an optical disc player in it, or an X-Box type thingy? If you do, that will play CDs & DVDs.


I got one a few years ago to keep in the kitchen, it’s both CD player and radio and it’s called:

CD Boombox with AM/FM radio.

Don’t remember if from Target or BigW.
Wasn’t expensive, but there are Ads for a range of prices if you google it.


In September 2021 JB’s price has risen to $159.