Category List in Hamburger Menu

The hamburger menu used to show the list of categories. Now it only shows (for me) 8 and the number of new posts in each. Selecting the ‘categories (27 more)…’ expansion produces an unwanted multipage list with the ‘purpose’ of each category and most recent post for each shown.

I much preferred the previous presentation where we just saw the category names in a terse 2 column list.

Is this something ‘me’ or an outcome of the recent update?


I seem to have a full list of categories, with latest posts at the right, and tapping into a category gets all posts… then again, whats a “hamburger menu”?

The middle icon is called a hamburger menu :slight_smile: )

my display is now


and selecting the ‘categories’ shows

where previously all the categories showed in the ‘brief list’ display.

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Now I get it. I just never used that menu for anything :slight_smile: Thanks :slight_smile:


I have the same. Only eight categories listed.

And yes I find it garrulous too, preferring the terse listed columns.


Yeah, I believe that was part of the update. The good news is I was able to adjust this in our site setting, so it is back to normal :wink: (refresh may be needed).