Carpet Cleaning

I have to get my carpets cleaned. I have read the review on the Choice website and it discusses commercial steam cleaning but not an ‘electrodry’ process now being advertised. I note that it uses a solvent based product and dries very quickly. Have people had any experience of this company/process (it looks as if it might be a franchise)? We have a synthetic carpet in our main living area because the house had carpet beatles in the wool carpets when we moved in. Would the process be safe with that?


Virtually all of the carpet cleaners are franchises. Your best way ahead is to ring them and ask the question regarding your specific synthetic (nylon, polyester, polypropylene, …) carpet materials, and whether loop or cut pile. You can get a feel about the various companies from noting many categories tend to attract the unhappy customers more than the happy ones, so take whatever you find there with some scepticism either way. The specific person who does your job is as or more important than the franchise. The major importance of the franchise/company is their T&C/guarantee if you are unhappy and how they would resolve it for you.

For the second time we called a cleaner and wanted a dry process but on arrival each ‘sold’ us on a traditional steam clean. There are benefits either way, but both companies were adamant the steam clean was better for our wool carpet, and that might be irrelevant for your synthetic.


We have had both dry and steam cleans.

The dry clean appeared to be thorough and the carpet looked clean, but returned to its oringinal dirty state within weeks. I suspect that the dry clean is restricted to the top of the carpet.

We later had the same carpet steam cleaned (using a truck mounted system). It was amazing how dirty the used water container was after the event.

The carpet remained clean for a considerable time, especially when compared to the dry clean. There is of course the inconvenience of the damp smell while the carpet dries out.

I would never use a dry clean again if I could help it.


My parents had a dry clean and were not overly happy. Woollen carpet.
Next door had a dry clean recently & thought it did was a brilliant job. Synthetic carpet.

I have no doubt this is the key point.


Is there an industry accepted source for this statistic? I wouldn’t know for sure either way, but my perception is that more are franchises than locally owned. I’d guess from your post there is some body collecting stats on the situation?