Carpet Care - not exactly what's advertised

I recently had my carpets steam cleaned by Myer Carpet Cleaning Pty Ltd. Their website states that they have a 5 point cleaning program consisting of 1) Vacuum, 2) Pre-spray 3) Spot treatment 4) carpet scrub with rotating brush machine, and 5) steam clean.

Unfortunately, they left out steps 1 and 4, fairly major steps in my view. I have emailed the company 3 times requesting an explanation of their false advertising, with no response. I wonder whether I should take this to consumer affairs or just put it down to misleading advertising ? I noticed that their contractor did not even have machines on-board that could have conducted those missing steps.


I’m with you - it’s not like they missed out the ‘friendly smile’ but still did a superb job of the carpets - those steps seem integral, and not having the gear to do them is deliberate/premeditated - not the kind of equipment you just forget to pop into the glovebox … I think it would easily be suggested that without these steps the only option is to redo with these steps, but I understand your back might still be recovering from moving a ton of furniture, so some financial compensation/discount not less than 2/5ths of the price I’d reckon …

To me that means go to consumer affairs/fair trading - even just for misleading - this was deceptive or incompetent …


First thing I would do is take a copy of the screen on their web page (, just in case.

As it is a family owned business, that claims “the team at Myer Carpet Cleaning pride themselves on a strong reputation for quality, commitment and reliability” (Myer Carpet Cleaning P/L - About Us. So I would ring them up and ask for the owner. Talk to them politely expressing your concerns, and ask for the carpet cleaning to be redone with all the five steps, or ask for a significant discount on the bill as vacuuming and scrubbing are a major component of a job well done.

If they resist, I would refer them to the Australian Consumer Law Consumer Guarantees which says:
Services must:
. be provided with acceptable care and skill or technical knowledge and taking all necessary steps to avoid loss and damage
. be fit for the purpose or give the results that you and the business had agreed to
. be delivered within a reasonable time when there is no agreed end date.

If they didn’t undertake all the steps, you will not get the long term results that you wanted and the business had agreed to (by stating they will provide it on their web site).

If they don’t agree to remedy the situation, then try the Fair Trading. As an alternative, if you paid by credit card, you can ask the bank to block the payment because you did not get what you paid for. You could offer to pay a reasonable part based on how much of the job was completed.


Excellent advice. I am loathe to complain, but irritated nonetheless at the discrepancy between what’s advertised and what you get. Not a lot of response from them yet, but I shall persevere! Thanks for your thoughts.


I know how you feel, but if I can add, I think in many cases, complaining can help a number of people so I commend those willing to go through the hassle.

At the least, the company should respond. Fair trading or the ACCC are the best places to start, and I’d suggest on the above evidence you could also seek remedy under Australian Consumer Law.


Well … I’m pleased to report that after several emails and finally a 'phone call, they did respond to my complaint!

Not only that, but they agreed to change their website and to refund me the fee I paid to have my carpets cleaned.

In fairness I didn’t accept the whole refund given that they did do half of what I expected. I accepted a 50% refund instead.

Surprising yes, but if more businesses responded well like that we’d be living in a better society.


Great outcome and being reasonable with the resolution! And yes, other businesses could learn a thing or two from your experience.


Well done @boblorel, a great outcome :clap:


Did you mention that you were a member of Choice @boblorel?


No … I mentioned that I would contact Consumer Affairs.

Their website has now been corrected and the misleading information removed, and a refund is on its way. All in all a very prompt response and one which other companies would do well to emulate.


I was recently cold called by Allstate Curtain and Carpet cleaning at Regency Park.
My rug and 2 hallway runners were not that dirty just needed a general freshen up. Did the job - quick vac and rotary brush with detergent and water. As I wished to pay via cr. card he said the office would ring me for details. He had been gone for under 2 mins when they called and I subsequently gave them my details. At this point, I had no time to look at the job. The rugs and runners were still not clean. Rang office and told them job not satisfactory - was told to ring again in the morning when the rugs were dry. Rang consumer affairs for advice and bank to put a disputed payment order on credit card.
Consumer affairs said they had contravened law for not issuing any paperwork ie order, invoice, not even a receipt. Rang company and said I would be engaging another reputable co. to reclean the rugs and wanted my money back and this was agreed to. To date, no refund. Co. not answering phone despite several calls. Bank now wants proof ie. some paperwork which I do not have to get my money back ($120)
2nd company I engaged agreed carpets had not been cleaned properly. This company is a scam. Visit their website to see testimonies from other unhappy customers.


Sorry to hear about your experience. Could a copy of your credit card statement provide the missing link in the paperwork chain? That should prove the transaction at least. Have you tried issuing emails as well as trying to contact them via 'phone? Perhaps if you indicated that you were going to take them to Consumer Affairs it might generate more of a response?
Good luck with it all, I hope you have some success.


Yes, have also emailed them. Bank should have details of transaction and I have notified consumer affairs who more or less said I should have been more careful and explained I should have been more aware of my rights.


I hope you replied…why hadn’t they told you through an education program for example?


Well good luck … I hope you succeed. One thing that can pay off is persistence. Often companies only respond if you prove too irritating to them - it becomes easier to just pay you to go away!