Carbon monoxide leaking from old heater

Moved in recently into a flat with an old Braemer gas wall furnace. Could not turn it on beyond pilot so called a tradesman to get it fixed. He got it working beautifully, then checked the carbon monoxide level: too high! Proceeded to disable the heater, and put a do not use sign on it.
Paid $240.00 .
I am grateful that the heater did not work when I tried to turn it on, or I would not be writing this!

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:open_mouth: wow, that’s concerning, @Gaby
I’m guessing you own rather than rent?

Yes, Julie, I’m the owner of the flat and have got a reverse cycle air conditioner put in before summer and am using the reverse cycle for heating. But during the recent colder spell I longed for the warmth from a gas heater. My air conditioner will have to do for now, it’s an expensive job to replace the wall furnace and according to reviews on the web not always a satisfactory one!

Carbon monoxide detectors are cheap and as easy to install as a smoke detector and should be a must in every home either owner occupied or rented.