Caravan Hot Water Boiler recall


We are having lots of issues with our van with a particular company in Brisbane. Ours is a 2014 model. Big lemon. Got nowhere with the usual processes. So escalated to Minister for Regulation and Innovation. Now have an investigator assigned to the process.

I might add the manual in English was missing for this boiler we asked for it and never got it.

If they sold me the old model van with this boiler in it after a recall had happened - I assume they have operated illegally?

Has anyone else had issues with this company? Swift Brisbane now phoenixed into QLD CARAVAN & RV CENTRE PTY LTD. Loganholme.

Does anyone have any advice?

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I cannot offer advice and since you have an investigator assigned that is probably as good as it gets without hiring a silk. I suspect you have been through all of the following, but the general readership might find this Choice report interesting to highlight what you appear to be going through with your 2014 Lemon.


and while it is not clear what state you are in, since the seller is in Qld

with the last few lines being relevant.

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