Car Smash repairs

I maybe deluding myself but I was recently involved in a minor rear to rear parking incident. i was in the wrong by less than a second but I thought that the other person had to give their details, as I did, at the scene of the accident especially a valid drivers licence. The person spoke French throughout I allowed her to use my phone to phone a friend but she refused to write anything down. And weeks later I’ve just been contacted by Suncorp to say they have already repaired the car and will be sending me the Bill. I was under the impression that two quotes had to be done before any work went ahead…am I wrong?

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Hi @r333r,
Drivers must record each other’s contact details and registration numbers after an accident (it can be an offense not to do so, unless there is a good reason such as injury). It’s also a good idea to take photos if possible. Check with your state or territory’s police website for other specific requirements - for example, accidents involving injury or property damage typically must be reported within 24 hours.

Generally speaking, repair costs are required to be 'fair and reasonable’, and getting multiple quotes is one common way to show this is the case. Most insurers will do this as part of their claims process, and those paying a claim can also make enquiries. In the case of a dispute, the parties involved can then negotiate or take further legal action if necessary.

There may be further considerations specific to your situation, so for more personalised advice speak to a lawyer or a legal aid service such as CALC. We also have a service for members to help understand their rights called CHOICE Help.