Car Insurance - Tesla

Has anyone tried to get insurance on a Tesla Model 3?
Some insurers such as Coles don’t offer it, some like Youi are very expensive.
In the case of an accident does the car have to go back to a Tsla approved repair shop?

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Hi @Andrewf, welcome to the community.

With niche vehicles where repairers and parts can be very expensive, this is reflected in insurance premiums. Insurers may deem high powered EVs or those with some level of autonomous driving as higher risk than traditional vehicles and thus higher premiums.

It may be worth going to a broker to see what they can offer. A broker can be found using…

Alternatively, contact retail insurers including those which claim to insure unique vehicles (such as Shannons) to see what they have to offer. I don’t like your chances of getting cheap insurance, but shopping around or using a broker you may find cheaper insurance premiums than you have currently found. Also check, when comparing quotes, the level of cover and excesses…to make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

It might be a case of a repair shop that has the ability to repair Tesla vehicles, and the materials used in their construction. I would suspect the ACCC might be interested in hearing if a Tesla owner is forced to use a Tesla approved repairer as this would be seen as anticompetitive and not in the consumers interest.


I currently use a broker and they came back with $5200 pa.
Will try Shannons - thanks


Ouch, that is very expensive… $100/week and possibly 5+ times a similar sized traditional luxury car.

Let us know how you get on with Shannons, so others are aware.

I should have also said above, premiums are also determined by driver/owner risk profile, such as age and driving history. If one is young and/or with poor driving history, insurance can be very expensive/some insurers may decline insurance cover.


Tesla had an approved repairer network. It appears limited, returning 4 results for SE Qld.

Insurers, Tesla offers the following:

Tesla manufactures it’s vehicles differently. Finding a repairer outside of the supported Tesla network with access to the skills and technical support may prove difficult. That’s despite the assurances the ACL should provide. It’s not unique to Tesla as anyone with a low sales volume vehicle or uncommon marque is in a similar situation.

There are also Tesla owner/s clubs on Facebook where there are offers of further advice on who others use.


Shannons came back with $3100.
Looks like Poncho are the best bet as they make sure it goes to a Tesla approved shop.
The range of premiums was the thing that surprised me.


It could be because the insurers simply don’t have data on the average quantity and value of claims made per tesla owner. Data is how they calculate risk, and in its absence they probably lean towards the most expensive possible


Make sure that you fully read what is covered as sometimes cheaper policies may not provide the same level of cover as more expensive policies. Just make sure you are comfortable with the cover being offered before purchasing.


Reports such as this might add to the apprehension of insurers. True, it’s New York, however the explanation of the scope required to repair minor wheel arch damage is worth a short read.

There are artisans in the UK who regularly hand craft whole panels out of alloy or steel sheet for less. :roll_eyes:


From the USA, 2 antitrust suits lodged at Tesla. Assuming this practice carries onto crash repairs this could be a reason insurers are not welcoming of Tesla owners.