Can't unlike comments from a long time ago

Hey everyone (but mostly the site maintenance team),

I’ve noticed that when I peruse through older threads (2016-2017), I’m not allowed to unlike any comments I liked back in the day.

For example, re-reading an old thread about genetically modified food, I hadn’t read the research and based my views on evidence back then so I was liking the comments of those spreading the fear-mongering of GMOs. Now that I have read the evidence and changed my stance on this topic, I’m not able to retract my support of those comments.

Is this a bug in the coding of the website, or a deliberate feature for some reason?



Hi Kieren,
Thanks for letting us know. We’ll investigate for you and get back to you :thumbsup:


Just following up my earlier message. Limiting the ability to change past reactions is a deliberate feature of the software and one that we can’t change in the settings without further software development work. That’s something we can consider in the future, but we’re unlikely to have the functionality in the short term.

Hope that info helps, and thanks for highlighting the issue. At least if anyone asks, you will be able to explain the situation.


Cheers for that Brendan :slight_smile:


I’ve often felt the like system is inadequate - but I’m not keen on the categories FB uses either. There are times I’ve liked posts because they are thought provoking or add another perspective, not because I agreed with them. Other times when I haven’t liked a post because I specifically didn’t want to appear in agreement.

Perhaps in the future we could have a few carefully thought out ‘like’ categories that cover constructive if not always agreement likes, without the “angry” ones … in the meantime I’ll still occasionally like a post I don’t fully agree with … I don’t think that’s a bad thing necessarily …