Canstar Blue Electricity Provider Comparison Tool

While browsing around the internet discovered this useful tool from CANSTAR BLUE


Hey Mike

Thanks for the link.

The calculator needs more work I think. As well as peak, we use the T31 off peak tariff, but the calculator wouldn’t let me proceed with out an amount in T33! (Not everyone who has T31 has T33.)

Also, it multiplies to an annual figure, which is a very loose indicator due to marked seasonal fluctuations. It doesn’t seem to be able to compare just one bill.

Another problem is that it doesn’t allow for solar panel (PV) inputs. This could make a significant difference.

Final issue was that the provider that came out on top (AGL) is not a supplier in my locale. I know as I used to be a customer, and couldn’t transfer.

After all that, I feel good! We are paying 25% less than the best offer they provided. Yeehaaa!


Hey Tamas
Glad you are paying 25% less than the calc worked out mate . You know I only posted the link to make you feel good LOL . It’s a basic calc that should point the majority of users in the right direction re providers . They can fine tune from there .

Thanks Mike.

A good result (even if notional) occasionally is really good.

I appreciate the limitations. I only posted the info in the hope of saving others some angst, so they are aware before they venture forward.

Appreciate your efforts. :relaxed:

Thank You

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