Can you help us decide on our campaign tagline?

In the campaigns team, we are looking into unit pricing. In September many of you helped us by sending in some of your stories and pictures of prices being listed incorrectly or supermarkets trying to rip you off. Your help has got us to the point of launching a campaign to increase transparency of prices listed at supermarkets, pharmacies, and hardware stores. This campaign will be spread out and as such we wanted to have a tag line that will connect the campaign in people’s minds.

Can you help us decide between the following tag lines? (brilliantly provided by the brains trust of CHOICE staff)

  • The Naked Price
  • Ditch dodgy deals
  • Price it right
  • United in transparent pricing
  • The Price is wrong!

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ok, I’ve voted, but given I find that the most common price error is a price on the shelf not the same as the price in the checkout scanning system, I’d have thrown in “Price Blips” as your tag line :wink:


What about “Bring back WYSIWYG”?


I voted, but prefer “Price Integrity”.

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Great idea!!! Not only does it make sense, it matches the sound the machines make :slight_smile:

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I like the United one but with a small addition so it becomes “United not divided in transparent pricing!”

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Huge thanks to all those who voted, commented and sent emails. If you haven’t seen it already, you’ll see our campaign tagline here, and you can also add your voice.