Campervan hire

I hired an Apollo Campervan for its return journey from Darwin to Brisbane - at $1 a day + Damage insurance of $143.00 and petrol refund of $250.

However I scraped the roof of the van slightly at a motel entrance - NO dent just some paint from the motel roof

They denied me insurance claim, they then refused the petrol refund and then charged me $1000 damages on my cc. They have now refused to return emails when questioning them about this. A cut and polish should have been easy and cost no more that a $100.

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Hi @Mikewnixon, welcome to the community and for your first post.

Is the $1000 the excess (or what Apollo call the ‘liability’) associated with the damage insurance you took out with them?

Their T&Cs state:

Standard Liability and Bond
Apollo relocation booking rental charges, include Standard Liability of $1,000 in the event of an accident and in accordance with our Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions. A Bond of $1,000 will be collected at the time of entering into the Rental Contract. Payment of this Bond is only accepted by credit card. The $1,000 will be debited to the credit card account immediately. An administration fee equal to the merchant surcharge applies.

Most rental car companies charge an excess when there is damage to a vehicle. It is worth reading the T&Cs associated with the rental to see what the situation is when damage/an accident occurs.


The $1000 was taken out for so called repairs - Which would have been minimum as it was only some paint marks - The petrol grant ($250) also was taken. Actual petrol cost was over $700 for the trip Darwin to Brisbane,


If you look at the T&C’s, they will deduct $1000 as the excess or your liability to any damages you caused to the vehicle. The repair could cost more, but with the insurance your exposure is limited $1000.

If you believe that the repair is very minor, and less than $1000, you could as for evidence of costs incurred to see if you should receive a refund.

Unfortunately today’s repair costs, even what may be considered a minor repair can be expensive due to labour costs, time taken to repair (inc. Apollo’s staff time to take and collect the vehicle from the repairer), preparation, colour matching etc.

It is also possible that you might be liable for loss of revenue for when repairs are carried out. This would be daily hire rates for the vehicle - which could be many hundreds per day over multiple days for the repair (say 5 days which is common for scratches and resprays).

Adding all these up (assuming they all apply), it could run into thousands of dollars.

The T&C’s provided at vehicle collection may outline costs, in addition to repair costs, you may be liable for and claimable against the $1000 excess/liability. It is suggested you review these to determine what costs are claimable against the $1000.

About the fuel rebate on dropoff of the relocated vehicle, see what the T&C’s indicate when damage is caused to the vehicle (see documents you were given on vehicle collection). The rebate might be forfeited and used to partially covering Apollo’s costs associated with managing the repairs, or it is still provided.


I advertised my camper, (Toyota Hiace) for rent in Campershare. Had a few satisfiying renters. But one brought back the camper with several assessoires damaged and dirty. I complained, asking to charge the renter for damaged goods and for cleaning. Campershare asked me to send photos. What I did. Never heard anything baout anymore!? An other renter send me on the second day a sms, she doesn’t want the camper anymore, it is not to her liking and to old. (After extensive showing her and test drive it for more then 2 hours!). Customer told me to pick up the camper about 100km away. I asked Campershare for billing according to the contract. Never got a cent! Therefore I cancelled the contract with Campershare in written and very clearly! Half a year later they send me a message, A.T. is interested in your camper, please prepare it for …(Date). I didn’t react, since my cancelling of the contract was sure clear enough. Later I got a reminder, A.T is waiting for your response, he is urgent wanting to hire your camper… .I wrote them back, the contract is cancelled a long time ago… .Never read anything from the since. But since this happenings, I can’t recomend Campershare!

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