Buying a new Citroen C4

I will condense the details of my experience buying a new Citroen C4 just over one year ago.

6th Nov - signed up for my new car, a Citroen C4

16th Nov - picked up my car, after I had handed over the money and signed all the paper work, when I was sitting in the drivers seat I was told that the reverse camera and the GPS were not installed.

2nd Dec - took car back to get reverse camera and GPS installed

23rd Dec - reverse camera failed, returned car and was told they couldn’t fix it until after Christmas

6th Jan - CD jammed in CD player, car went back in, they fixed CD issue, still no reverse camera, they will call when it comes in.

20th Jan - Reverse camera fitted

21st Jan - CD Player isn’t working

22nd Jan - CD fixed again

27th Feb - radio/CD player dead - took car back and they fixed it.

9th March - CD dead again, but came back on.

12th March - CD dead again, but came on if car was stopped and started

23rd March - signals from CD player, even though I wasn’t playing one.

26th March - Whole system died Easter Saturday, radio CD and reverse camera, took car in and they fixed it.

7th April - CD dead
This is when the manager said to bring the car in so they ‘COULD LOG THE PROBLEM’ I picked up a hire car

15th April - CD dead.

18th April - CD started working again, they wanted my car back again, I asked what did they do when they had it for a whole week? he was unsure. Car went in for a service and came out with a scratch on the bumper - Citroen fixed this.

3rd July - whole system died again

5th July - car returned to be fixed, when I received it back, the whole component in the dash was sitting in my passenger seat, I returned the car and was given a replacement for the weekend - a Citroen C4 just like mine, and sure enough on my way down South the CD player died

12th July - Reverse camera stopped working

15th August - my car was returned to get the new component fitted

16th August - CD player dead plus when using the left indicator the reverse camera comes on!
I had three months of blissful driving

25th Nov - heading down south again and the car broke down 100km away from Perth, we needed a tow truck to take it back to Perth.

My car has been back to the dealership in Osborne Park over 14 times.
This is the condensed history of my car, there are so many stories connected to each visit to the dealership.

The only compensation I have received is 3 free services and $100 fuel card. I am now getting passed around from person to person at Citroen Australia as I don’t think they know how to handle the case, I want to share my story with the Choice Community and see what other people think.

It’s a shame that you didn’t see the links by @Fred regarding the website . I watched the YouTube links from there and it was very informative . Regarding buying a Citroen , bad idea .

Go to the ACCC maybe and get in touch with the importers of Citroen . Keep on their backs . You paid good money .You deserve to get a serviceable vehicle that suits your needs .

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Unfortunately in my dealings with the ACCC I have found them to be a toothless tiger and the large corporates know it.

That is why most businesses that come to the ACCC’ s attention often just shrug it off, or they give a written undertaking that they have no intention of honouring.

It may be time for Australia to adopt Lemon laws like the US, but I fear the pollies will not want to risk offending the automotive industry as they are probably a good donor.


I think " Hell will Freeze over " before Australia adopts the Lemon laws . Good point though .

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Hear, hear on both counts.

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@tndkemp What have you got against tigers ? They are a noble animal . Rat would be a better analogy .

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