Business practice around storing of email addresses - Pepesaya

On 12 Mar this year I emailed Pepe Saya, the boutique cultured butter business to find out if the milk used to make Pepe Saya butter is pasteurized? I couldn’t find this info on their website and being pregnant, I’m reminded at every turn that I must be careful not to have anything unpasteurised. I never got a response (so my husband of course ate all the yummy butter) and in June find out that I am now on their mailing list! This is really annoying because one, they didn’t respond to me, but more importantly, is simply emailing a company with an enquiry the same thing as signing up to get their advertising?


Seems a good article…

"Regarding adding email addresses from your existing contact list, the Spam Act makes a distinction between:

People with whom you have an existing business relationship, and
People who are merely contacts.
In the first instance consent can be taken as inferred, but in the second instance it would appear that an explicit consent process is neccesary. Consult the Spam Act to clarify this for yourself.

In the process of collecting email addresses, make it clear if they will be added to your subscription list to receive emails. It is not sufficient to have a pre-filled checkbox indicating a request for subscription. If you provide useful information the client will want to receive your emails, instead of feeling they were tricked into subscribing."

Spam Act…

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