Bushells' Tea has gone AWOL

Have y’all noticed that packets of Bushells’ tea bags have disappeared off the shelves in Woolies, Coles, IGA and who knows where else?

It does not affect me 'cos I don’t drink tea but it sure affects Mrs CharlevilleCharlie who is addicted to the stuff and to the Bushell’s brand in particular. The poor girl! She has had to drink other brands and apparently they just don’t taste the same as Bushells.

Bushells must be having some terrible supply chain issues.


Not a tea drinker myself, but the local Woolies lists 4 types of Bushells Tea, 2 in stock, and 2 due to be restocked next Monday and Tuesday.

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Our local Woollies is similar. Ours has loose leaf and round bags. Tea bags are out of stock.

If one is desperate, there are a number of online sellers with boxes of 1000 teabags available. I haven’t done the numbers to see if they are a good unit price (price/teabag).


Bushells tea bags have no ETA on the shelves of Woolies or Coles Sydney city and inner west stores. I was at three such supermarkets today.

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Not the only Unilever tea brand, Lipton is another.

Assume the leaf tea shown as available has a similar blend. If brewing just for one an infuser might offer temporary relief.

A suggestion is Bushells’ is packaged in Indonesia with teas of various origins. The packaging should offer confirmation. We would need to ask Unilever the owner why?
Leaf shortages, factory issues, declining supermarket demand for the brand, low profitability?

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Yes, even the round teabags are now out of stock at our local Woollies. Only loose tea is available.

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