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Bunnings Ute Hire terrible experience

Today I had the uneviable experience of hiring a ute from Bunnings for the very first and the very last time.

We purchased around $300 of items from our local Bunnings only to find that we were charged $10 more each for 3 items than the displayed price showed, but after my wife took a photo of the displayed price and showed it to them, they refunded the $30 rip-off.

When we loaded the items into our vehicle, we had to put the front seats so far forward that it was unsafe to drive so I went back into the store to hire a ute and asked a person for the details of doing so.

She said that it was $25 for 1 hour or $35 for 2 hours, 28 cents a km for mileage and I had to refill it with fuel so I said I would go ahead with hiring one as I expected to pay around $30 plus refuelling.

Whilst filling in all the paperwork, she asked me if I wanted to reduce the insurance excess, which was the first mention of insurance, and I asked her for the details to which she said that the standard excess was $4,500 but I could reduce it to $1,000 for 39 cents, which seemed like a good deal so I said yes.

She also said that the hire time starts from when the paperwork is completed and there is a late fee, and when I asked her how much, she said it was $35.

The hire process took around 30 minutes from startng to finally getting the keys.

We transferred our items into the ute, drove home, unloaded them, drove to our local United and filled the ute with $2.16 of U91, and returned to Bunnings.

During this time, my wife noticed that the specified return time was 2:42 PM but the transaction time on the Bunnings tax invoice was 2:55 PM, some 13 minutes later and still before I had the keys so effectively a quarter of the rental time had already expired.

After waiting around 10 minutes to be served at the Trade Desk, the girl was not there and I spoke with a different person who I pointed out the time discrepancies to and I said to him it was a scam.

When he had finally finished going out to inspect the vehicle and fiddling around with the paperwork, he put the credit through for only $198.05 against ny payment of $262.00, over double what I was expecting.

When I queried it, he claimed it was the insurance which was 39 cents per km and I replied that the mileage and insurance was actually almost 70 cents per km, to which he then said that the insurance was actually $39 for the hire period.

When I said that the girl had told me that it was only 39 cents total, he tried to claim he overheard the girl tell me $39.

.He is a liar or a fool, or both.

The return process took over 20 minutes so the time spent in hiring and returning the ute was around the same time that we actually used it for.

The completed tax invoice lists 20km travelled with 15km included and the extra 5km at 39 cents per km.

The original tax invoice lists the excess reduction charge as $37.and also states that overdue or late returns will be charged at $25 per hour, not the $35 the girl stated.

$37 to reduce an excess for a 1 hour hire is blantant thievery.

The only number that these fools managed to actually get correct was the $25 for a 1 hour hire,

The ute was a 2WD Hilux with a filthy windscreen and the driver’s door arm rest was completely covered in grime. So much for Bunnings carrying on about Covid Safe.

To add insult to injury, it was the most uncomfortable vehicle I have ever driven in over 50 years.


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I just checked my emails and saw this one from Handy Rentals.

Handy Rentals at Bunnings Booking Confirmation @media(max-width:480px){ table[class=main_table],table[class=layout_table]{width:300px !important;} table[class=layout_table] tbody tr td.header_image img{width:300px !important;height:auto !important;} } a{color:#37aadc}

Thanks for booking your vehicle hire with Handy Rentals at Bunnings!

Booking ID: XXXXXX

To pick up your hire, please present this Booking ID to the UTE/VAN Hire section at Bunnings Cairns Central.

All hire charges will need to be paid in store when you pick up your hire - so please do remember to take your driving licence and credit card .

Booking @ Bunnings Cairns Central

71-83 Kenny Street, Portsmith, 4870
T: 0740402800

From: Wed, Aug 26, 2020 2:00 PM
To: Wed, Aug 26, 2020 3:00 PM
Vehicle: UTE, 332WRA

Did you know you can now book online? Find out more at or register for free .

Our hire Terms and Conditions can be found on the Handy Rentals website - or by clicking this link: Terms and Conditions.

Have a great day,

Handy Rentals

This e-mail is confidential and intended solely for the use of the addressee. If you are not the intended addressee, you may not copy, forward, disclose, rely on or otherwise use it or any part of it in any way. To do so may be unlawful. Any representations, contractual or otherwise, views or opinions presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Handy Rentals Pty or any company within the group. If you receive this e-mail by mistake, please advise the sender immediately and delete this e-mail. As part of our Acceptable Use policy we monitor e-mail content.

Handy Rentals Pty (ABN: 96 065 165 933). Registered office: P.O. Box 436, Joondalup W.A. 6919

So Handy Rentals has a hire from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM today.


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‘Should have hired a Jeep’? :rofl: sorry.

Most uncomfortable, it is probably a toss up for some of us between the zero turn mower and 4WD farm tractor. I’d personally rate the E-bike a close second unless bum is off the seat for some serious pedalling.

Experience with any serious 2 or 4wd ute is they ride better with a good load. Bunnings sensibly would have the tyres (light truck rated, not soft car tyres) at the maximum load rating pressure which tends to provide for a very firm ride. That’s how my one tonner is set up. I do however expect the owner to keep the windscreen clean, and need to complain often.


We have just received the comprehensive insurance renewal for our Honda CR-V from Suncorp.

Some $650 for 12 months including lifetime new-for-old replacement if our vehicle is written off or stolen.

Compare that to $37 to reduce an excess for a mere 1 hour.

What a disgusting scam.

I suppose Bunnings (or any vehicle hire company) would not have access to your driving capabilities/claims record etc though: they would have to cater for all. Maybe that’s why premiums are inflated…


Casual Hire of Vehicles always attracts huge premiums compared to most ordinary MV policies. The excesses you have placed on you are always much higher as well. Some annual policies cover you in any substitute vehicle you drive and in these cases you may be able to safely avoid paying any coverage for the hire, of course always check with your insurer that they will cover the car/ute/van that you hire.

Is it a ripoff? Perhaps but not knowing what Commercial Policy they have in place it may not be as far out of the realms as we think.


Bunnings appear to have a very unique method of calculating rental charges for ute hire. I hired a ute for two hours, and after filling the tank with fuel as required in the contract, (The fuel station is two minutes from Bunnings and my fuel receipt showed 09:16am (one minute overdue on the two hour rate) I returned the vehicle a few minutes overdue. I have no concerns with paying the additionl rental charges, even though it was only a few minutes. My concern is when I returned the vehicle I stood in a queue at Bunnings for a few minutes until served, I handed over the ute keys and petrol receipt and a staff member came out and took the odometer reading (I assumed she would have noted the time also). I then advised the staff member I was going to my own vehicle to stow the tarpaulin I had used, and would be back in a few minutes to settle the account. Returning to the Bunnings counter I again joined a queue Upon being served by the same staff member (who had accompanied me to the ute and who had had the keys placed in her hand), she curtly informed me that the time was 09:41am and I would have to pay for an additional hour. I pointed out that the time was correct, but as I was standing in front of her at 09:41am after having waited in a queue, it seemed very wierd that I was returning the ute at the precise time we were talking. I also advised her that 15-20 minutes previously I had placed the ute keys in her hand. No satisfaction with the staff member, probably could have made a big issue of a $25 penalty for being five minutes late but choose to let it ride. Advice to potential hirers of a ute from Bunnings…when you return the vehicle, ignore the queue and state loudly and clearly that you are returning the keys and for the staff member to note the time. Bunnings must be the only place where the hire rate is calculated from when you actually pay the invoice and not when you hand over the keys to a staff member.


It is a scam.


Welcome to the Community @Dave964

Thank you for your post about your experience, I hope others may find it helpful. I have moved your post and the reply by @Fred123 into the already existing topic created by Fred back in August. This is to help keep similar posts together so easier for searches to find them.


I hope you complained to Bunnings!

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