Bunnings Caroma toilets

I picked up a Caroma brochure from Bunnings and settled upon a Luna Cleanflush® Close Coupled Toilet Suite - S Trap, Bottom Inlet 844710W to place a broken toilet at home.

Went back to Bunnings where I saw Luna Cleanflush Close Coupled Toilet Suite S Trap Bottom Inlet on display.

I pointed to the toilet in the brochure and said I want one. They could not find one and said it was a special order. But I said it is on display and online there are ones in stock!

So after much digging and phone calls to Caroma it transpires that the model that Bunnings had on display is a 844711w. One number difference! It transpires that the dimensions of the base are slightly different and the soft close seats are slightly different. Caroma made a special order just for Bunnings which is not listed in the Caroma website.

So while I believe that the parts are interchangeable between the two, buyer beware just in case. You won’t be able to get the beat 10% deal on one of their Caroma toilets I think.

I bought the Caroma catalogue listed one in the end, but have to wait for a shipment to arrive from overseas.


Bunnings at their finest.

Assuming you mean Bunnings online inventory, I am not sure why they bother their inventory is so hit and miss.

Example 1: During a modified lockdown whereby click and collect was OK I needed some specific lag screws that were shown as not in stock at my local but in stock ‘nearby’. I did a click and collect. I duly received an email confirming my special order would arrive in store in 4-7 days. They arrived in store on schedule.

Example 2: Last week I wanted a ladder. Online showed ‘the one’ in stock at my local. Off I went. My local does not nor has recently stocked the item. I noticed many of the ladders supposedly in stock there were not in stock, nor did they have empty places on the display racks for them.

Conclusion: Nothing short of ringing the specific Bunnings to confirm stock matters.

As for Bunnings special products, last year I replaced a fold out clotheslines with a particular Hills model shown on Bunnings and nowhere else, not even the Hills Home website. Bought it and very pleased. There are also Hills branded ‘sock holder’ accessories to clip onto the clothesline frame that appear unique to Bunnings. Bought one and it is a brilliant add-on, so got 4 more that were in stock as claimed on the Bunnings web site.


I was not aware that Bunnings were stocking Hills clothes lines again after Hills were foolish enough to do an exclusive deal with Masters.

They were not when we bought our new fold out clothes line from them a few years ago.

I would have expected that Bunning would have simply left Hills out to dry.

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That is exactly why they do it…if a customer finds a similar product elsewhere cheaper, Bunnings points to the model number saying it is different, even if physically the products are exactly the same. It makes its price guarantee a bit of a sham.

They could be exactly the same as the non-Bunnings model. Toilets change over time to meet lastest bathroom fashions and Caroma may slightly modify its off the shelf toilets between batches.

To check, one would need a current version of a 844711w and 844710w side by side and measure to see if there are any differences. Something which is impractical to do as one would need to buy two toilets, then take one back for a refund if the stores change if mind policy allows.


We went off their diagrams. The Bunnings one (without a seat) is 15mm lower. The the set-outs for the waste pipe were shown differently.


Good ole Bunnings. An item shown on their website as ‘In Stock’ but not on the shelf? It is ‘In Stock’ but in the delivery dock or on the top of a shelf somewhere. They can not get it for you due to Workplace Health & Safety regulations. Just two days ago I checked if my local Bunnings had 25mm pipe saddles on the website and their app. Both said ‘In Stock’ in Aisle: 73. I received blank looks and sighs when I asked where aisle 73 is. There is no aisle 73!


No same product…the height to the top of the is the same for both the 844711W and 844710W. If one also searches the Bunnings model number (844711W) only, it is linked to the Carona model (844710W) number of their website and comes up in searches.

395mm to top of pan…


395mm to top of pan…

The dimensions on both models are the same and are the same toilet…just with different model numbers so that Bunnings can’t be beaten on price or need to honour their ‘if you find a competitor’s lower price on the same stocked item, we’ll beat it by 10%’. Shonky to say the least.


Well there you go!. The dimensions that they had on the toilet were incorrect. I actually took a picture of it.

The only thing I can say is that I heard the Bunnings person speak to Caroma and they repeated that the seat is different. But looking at the pics now, they dont seem to be.

Oh well could have saved myself $50 and a 6 week wait if I had bought the Bunnings one.