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I use the choice website in two ways:

1 When I need info for a specific product
2. When I am bored and just want to browse the latest reviews to see if there are any new bargains out there

It would be great if a more comprehensive list of reviews (sorted by date) were available other than just the most recent 8 reviews featured in the Latest Reviews section on the home page.



Thanks for the feedback @sliiiiiide, I’ll pass it on to our digital team.


Great, thank you Brendan. I am interested to know what their response is, Cheers, George


I was going to create a new topic for this, but it fits within the current one.

I just looked on Choice for mobile phone plan comparisons, and noticed that the search results did not indicate when the article had been written. This is important, as many reviews will date quite quickly.


There should be a date on the reviews page. In this case, last updated in 11 December 2018. There are no dates on the buying guides but I’ll pass on your suggestion :slight_smile:


@BrendanMays it’s the search output that’s missing dates, not the articles themselves. I got a bunch of results, but could not without clicking through see how old they were.


My apologies, I see what you mean. It’s a good idea and I’ll share it with the development team