Breakthroughs In Solar Panel Technology

A couple of articles regarding a new type of solar panel.


Beyond the headlines - Not exactly?
I’ve just noted the goal in the linked documents.

It looks like a great research topic. Even the researches say so,

Fan notes that the goal isn’t necessarily to commercialize and sell this exact device. Instead, the goal is to figure out how to make solar cells more efficient so it’s easier for the two technologies to share roof space.

The base technology of a PV cell has not been changed and the technology behind the cooling effect due to IR heat loss is nothing new.

The thought to place both together in a vacuum chamber with a glass front enabling both devices to be close together is a clever idea. They do say somethings are priceless, for everything else there is (insert favourite credit card here)! Although at present it sounds like you might need one of those cards marketed as hi-tech titanium. :sun_with_face:


A couple of articles regarding Japanese research into a new type of solar panel using Tin Oxide,


A very interesting article regarding major advances in PV technology.

No it is not that interesting.

I’ve a roof full of carpet pythons with more honesty and integrity than the reporter and service behind the article.

The more we click on such rubbish the more the publisher will continue to feed us all garbage headlines and assessments.

Drones will fly for days with new photovoltaic engine’ - honest only if the sun never sets, there are no clouds, a PV cell is redefined as an engine, oh, and they weigh next to nothing.

The report also suggests it is an alternate power source to a battery. Not a lie if the sun always shines etc.

And then

It could also be used to power deep space probes for centuries and eventually an entire house with a generator the size of an envelope.

Fair dinkum. Achieved by improving PV panels from a max conversion efficiency of 23% to 50% when they do some more development. :roll_eyes:

No cynicism required. I just need to take the 20 panels off the roof, not spend up on a big fat battery, and stick a generator in an envelope up there?

Got me. What’s the next one? A peltier device you sit on that can power a formula one car for a day! I’ve got that one waiting in the shed. :wink:

NASA has this to say about solar energy. 1,360W per square metre, in space, no atmospheric losses.

Yes there is a small break through, details buried under all the waste. One magic ingredient mentioned Au. That’s gold!


Yes, even at 100% efficiency, the standard envelope sized generator will produce a peak continuous output of around 25W (on earth the sun physically can’t produce more). I wonder what households use around 25W per hour peak…this in itself indicates the article is click bait.


An article regarding research into transparent solar panels.