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Bras that actually fit

Hi there Choice community,
I would lik to ask the community if they ha e ever face the same problem that I have had for the last 6 or so years, and especially now with COVID19, not being able to try on underwear.

For the last 6 or so years, I have had a lot of problems trying to find a bra that actually fits. In the real world, there is little choice to find a comfortable bra that fits. Most of the bras that I have bought are made in China, and for some reason the cups will fit, but when it comes to being able to fit the bra around my body, it is far too short!!

As I am an older aussie, I am flabbergastered at the lack of comfort available. Bras either have underwire (which is not very good for the health of the breasts) or only last a month or so.

If I go to the “specialist” stores, there is no good fitting bras that doesn’t need an “extender” to fit. Even if I do get help from a bra fitter, she often can only offer me 1 or 2 choices.

I measured a couple of bras I recently bought (adn subsequently returned) and there was a massive 2.5 - 3.5cm difference in the width of the bra. The straps are too short to and there is sometimes little difference in the width of the bras (as in the width around the chest) from one size to another.

Am I the only shopper in Australia eho is experiencing difficulty in finding anything that actually fits now?


A friend of mine has given up shopping for bras, and has been making her own for sometime now. She’s always raving about them! You might need to do an internet search for patterns, and I know there is a group that you can join online where the participants help each other. Good luck!


Bra shopping is THE WORST.
I am an odd size (the kind you can never find on sale) - small band large cups. I have always had to shop at specialist boutiques until recently when I found Bras N Things make my size (although they usually don’t stock it they can order it in).

At the specialists I’d be confined to a couple of boring options, but they would be supportive and comfortable enough. BnT have very pretty options, even if they are less comfortable. I went a bit nuts with buying matching sets at first after not being able to buy them for years!

OP, I would recommend visiting a very specialist boutique, such as one that deals with post-surgery bras, or a full figure specialist. Some of the online retailers do provide excellent service and great return policies, such as Brava lingerie in Melbourne. You are not going to have a lot of choice, and you will need to pay quite a lot, but they should have some options.


I have a daughter who used to be in the business who tells me that ill fitting bras are a common and chronic problem for women brought about by a combination of factors:

  • untrained shop assistants (or none) who do not advise correctly about fit, or who will not spend the time needed,
  • cheap brands with bad structure and/or not enough sizes , including insufficient adjustment to allow for inevitable stretching as the garment ages,
  • women rushing or not trying them on at all,
  • vanity - women going for fashion and looks rather than the best style for their size.

She says unless you are quite petite the solution is most likely going to be to take more time and spend more money.


Welcome to the Community @Lyndeloo!

An ill fitting bra seems to be a very common problem nowadays.

You have certainly done your best by
shopping around as much as you have.

I have also found a wide difference in sizes depending on the make, and think it is essential to try the garment on before deciding.

FWIW Re: short straps, you could try a racer-back style which gives
good support especially for larger sizes.

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I LOVE sports bras with a “j clip” to convert between racer back and standard strap. You put them on like any old bra and then clip the straps together. I’ve had bras from Freya and Panache that have that feature and it’s brilliant!
I’ve tried the little clips you can buy which will apparently turn any bra into a racer back (you slide the straps through either side) but I just couldn’t get them to work behind my back, nor could my husband :joy: