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Beware if buying an item from Brands Exclusive as their customer service is non existent. I Ordered a Shoe cabinet from their site. as it said It held the amount of shoes I needed and the advert said SOME assembling needed which I could cope with. But when it arrived on the instructions it said needs two people to assemble (not mentioned in the advert) Now I had it unpacked I thought I would give it a go. Well I should have just gone and bought the wood and screws myself as what they meant by some assembling actualy meant Build it!! I had to wait till i could get a friend to come help me and when we evenly got it built it only took flat small shoes. Hight heels or runners would not fit, also not mentioned in the advert. I emailed them telling them how disappointed I was and how it was of no use to me as it would not hold half of my shoes.
Basically they said I should have looked at the picture in the advert if i had I would have seen it did not have a pair of hight heels in the picture?? they also said I should always put DIY items together with two people it seems according to this guy everybody knows that!! He said they had put everything they needed to in their advert and there was nothing they could do about it and I would just have to live with it. Unbelievable customer service. I have unsubscribed from their online site and will not be using their site again. Just wanted to warn you guys about the these Adverts and the terrible service.


Try the material hangers that look like shelving, youcan get narrow ones or square ones, I store shoes in them and they are great, not cumbersome, and soft material don’t damage shoes,
don’t have to build and cheap.

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Sounds like a terrible experience @junehoward. I had a look on the Brands Exclusive website, and while I can’t be sure which listing you viewed, I think it’s reasonable that a shoe cabinet would hold standard shoe types including high heels and runners.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, you may be entitled to a refund. We have some complaints templates that will help show the company that you understand your rights, and sometimes this is enough to get the right result. If not, we may be able to help you escalate your complaint to your local fair trading body.

Of course, I understand if that’s more trouble than it’s worth to you, but I wanted to let you know the options. Thanks for sharing your experience with the CHOICE Community.