Bosch Shonky Customer Service

Have Bosch tools, Oven and Dishwasher…Sons bought us a new Washing machine…Loyalty suggested Bosch. It arrived when we were unready, having decided to renovate the laundry in celebration! Bosch Transport (GAP) delivered it to the back door and it was then pushed inside by sons… Some weeks later we unpacked it for installation only to discover it was wrecked. It looked fine in its packaging. No evidence of a problem. Corner split open, top loose and side panel buckled. Between Poland and Melbourne it had been dropped, had too heavy a weight on top or been sideswiped by a forklift truck.
Informed Bosch Customer service!?. sent them photos and all details they requested. Result…TOUGH…no replacement, they will send a technician, at our expense. To check what !? we have not even tried to plug it in, its wrecked! Seems, despite no advice on the delivery notes etc, that we should have informed them within 7 days that it was damaged. We are disgusted. 7 days or whatever they still delivered a non functioning broken product for which they have accepted and kept money!!!
Loyalty only goes in one direction it seems. Customer service - reputation - FORGET IT


Hi @money,
Sorry to hear about the trouble. If others have a similar issue, the Australian Consumer Law may provide recourse for a refund.

Find out more about your consumer rights.

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You would think a company the size of Bosch would have a DOA or " damaged upon unpacking clause " in their terms of service on items till the time of installation . Often house renovators buy products well h ahead of scheduled installation . I’m not saying up to 3 years but at least up to 3 months . I have a friend who does bathroom and laundry renos . He may buy 4 or 5 washing machines for instance to get them at a good price and take 3 - 4 months to install them . Bosch appliances just got scratched off my buy list .

I have always thought of Bosch as a brand you can trust - it was the key factor in deciding to have my car serviced by them.
Pity they didn’t give better attention to this problem - it tends to reflect on the brand overall.

I had a Bosch dishwasher. Over 10 years trouble-free in my care. I moved and rented out house, the new tenants trashed the door handle/lock. I called Bosch and a new handle arrived in the mail within a week, invoice was marked “no charge”.

My experience with Bosch has been pretty good. I have had two dishwashers and their after sales service has been great.
I think this needs to go to “The Checkout” on the ABC