Body fat scales review

We compare body fat scales (member content) to see which ones offer the best accuracy and features for the price.

If you want to know more, our body fat scales buying guide willt ake you through the basics and help you understand what to look out for, or feel free to ask us a question in the comments below.


A while ago I bought digital body fat scales - the only thing that ever appeared on the display was “one at a time please” …


Need a warning that people who have pacemakers can’t use them. I am surprised how many people have them now, not as defibrillators, but as heart beat regulators. They use a low voltage as do the fat scales. Not sure if occasional use is a problem or not.


That’s right @zackarii, most machines come with this warning to my understanding. We include this advice in our buying guide:

Check with your doctor before using a body fat scale if you have a pacemaker as the electrical charge sent through the scales could have a negative impact.


That advice is on-line, but not in the magazine (Oct 2017), which is what I usually show people. It might be the company I keep or my advancing years, but it seems every second person has one (pacemaker). I was looking for a test on ordinary bathroom scales.


I can see what you mean, I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback. Thanks for highlighting the issue.