Bodum greenwashing of insulated mugs

Thought I would bring attention to companies (many), who claim to be “green”, but whose practises aren’t reflective of their so called care for the environment. Case in point is Bodum…. Have copied below my online request to them: I had an insulted mug / coffee plunger crack on me. Rather than rush out to replace the whole item, I went online searching for the bottom “cup” bit that I needed, to purchase, rather than buying a whole new item, which would give me a new plunger that I did not need.

“I just really wanted to express my disappointment with my request to buy a replacement double walled cup for my 0.35 litre travel mug (with plunger). It has cracked in various places, and as it is over 12 months since I have purchased it (and I don’t have the proof of purchase), it is not eligible for warranty replacement. I did however, want to purchase a replacement bottom, which I would have thought was in keeping with what you advertise on the product description itself “The combination of style, convenience and portability make this one of the best travel mugs for any journey. What’s more, you can enjoy every drink more knowing that you’ve swapped single-use cups for a long-lasting, more eco-friendly alternative.” It seems to me that it isn’t very eco-friendly if you don’t offer replacement products for purchase. Why should I throw away into landfill a perfect good lid and plunger top? They are working fine, and all I need is a bottom! Anyhow - just some feedback for you. It is disappointing to feel like I am being “greenwashed” by a company that I have supported for many decades. “

Wondering if anyone else in the Choice community has had this experience of dealing with a company who implies some “Green credentials “, only to fail when it means actually having policies that support a more sustainable model?


Many businesses environmental credentials are about their business operations and not necessarily in the products they produce. Bodum is no different as this is a statement on their website:

Taking responsibility for the environment and following sustainable business practices are a vital part of BODUM®’s ethics.

For almost 30 years, BODUM® Portuguesa has been one of our main production bases, and we’re in the process of expanding our factory and moving more of our production there.

BODUM® Portuguesa has set a short-term environmental objective of reducing CO2 emissions. To achieve this goal, we’ve turned to the most innovative green technologies available – photovoltaic panels and energy storage batteries – with the aim of being entirely self-sufficient in the near future. Production sustainability, environmental responsibility, and concern for the wellbeing, safety and working conditions of our workers are all key to BODUM® Portuguesa’s objectives.

In line with our motto – make taste, not waste– we’re looking at everything from production to packaging to ensure that we don’t create unnecessary waste. After all, design isn’t merely a product statement.

Unfortunately many low value products are how seen as being a consumable when they break, fail or no longer needed. Being a low value consumable, many businesses chose not to have every spare part, as it is likely the cost of a spare part delivered to the consumer is a similar price or could be even more than replacing it with a new one. As a result, low value products become throw-away items rather than subject to repair to keep them going.

While it would be great if every business provided spare parts for every product sold, I would prefer low cost items are made with materials which are robust and can survive any treatment dished out through its use (including accidental dropping). But, doing such is likely to make many products more expensive/no longer low cost - which many consumers may not be happy with. This would especially be those consumers, that follow fads/latest fashions and throw out perfectly good items to buy a new one because they want to keep up with latest trends.

The only way to change businesses is to change the behaviour of all its customers.

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Assume the travel mug is different to this linked item?
Although it looks very much the same.

Thanks for reaching out. Completely agree - it is the customers who will drive change. Hence, the reason I have reached out to Bodum in this matter. I think they need to know that they have customers (like myself, a customer of theirs for literally decades) that are happy to pay more for robust and as you say, sustainable materials. I can appreciate cost is a driving factor for many, but for me, I am equally persuaded by strong environmental credentials and long term sustainability of products (which can often work out cheaper in the long run anyhow!).

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hi Mark. Thanks so much for reaching out. Indeed, they are very similar products. The one I have has two lids - one that looks like the image above, and an additional “plunger” that can also be used. My issue is that buying a completely new “plunger” type means that I end up with a lid and/or plunger that I don’t need, as i already have one that is perfectly functional. But It seems here that this one may only have the lidded part, and so I can perhaps continue to use my plunger bit as well. thank you! I will check it out. I wasn’t aware that they had the “mug only” version, so perhaps that will solve the issue! It leaves me with two lids, but that is fine… better than two lids AND two plunger bits! Kind regards, Mar

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