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hi - does anyone have this system?
it is a ‘wicking bed system’ where water is at the bottom of the tub, separated from the soil and plants above… and, water is drawn from the bottom to the plants


I’ve had some similar self-watering set ups before (home made), but not this particular brand. These worked well for me for growing fruit/veggies :slight_smile:


Seems like a fancy hydroponic/self watering system which has more growing media than others.

It is relatively simple to make a home hydroponic system…if you handy. Your own home made system might not look as neat and tidy though.


Seen them made out of old bath tubs and fridges - they seem to work really well. Haven’t used or bought one myself.


Gardening Australia on the ABC a few weeks ago had a home made wicking system how to using a Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC). This has been aired before in 2017 and there was a previous version using a wooden crate in 2014.

2017 version (using the IBC)

2014 version (using the wooden crate)