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BEWARE of Coles on eBay

I just received an email from Coles (or seeming to be Coles) attracting me to what appears to be some variety of their store on eBay with a $30 freebie. I gave up after looking to buy some A2 milk and some eggs neither of which were available.

At least food-wise, Coles on eBay looks to be an avenue to sell the unwitting a selection of unhealthy food and/or perhaps a whole lot of other inferior products.

Take a look at: {DELETED}


When I searched eBay for Coles $30 freebie, nothing came up.

The link you provided [which I have now deleted] had the date Aug 20 in it and was only valid for 14 days.

Did you notice that you don’t get the $30 discount until your free period is over, you have started the eBay Plus membership, AND you have spent a minimum of $80. So what does it actually cost to get $30 off?

The current eBay + special is 5% off and you get free delivery on orders over $49. The speed of delivery is not mentioned. Perhaps it is a seperate fulfilment channel to the normal Coles on-line, or perhaps it has to go through more hoops to get to the on-line system.

They do seem to have a range of food and drinks on offer.

What I am uncertain about is what is the benefit of buying through eBay Plus vs directly from Coles. You would need to price a basket of shopping for both and then add any applicable delivery fee to see which works out best.


I have found that when purchasing from Coles eBay that the groceries you order all arrive in lots of different parcels. I ordered 16 different items and received 12 different parcels.
I fully expected to receive my entire order in one parcel, not 12 different packages all stacked by my front door over 7 days! This made the entire process extremely difficult to track to see if all of my ordered and paid-for items arrived and no doubt if I did want to return any of the products they would have to be returned to different addresses!
Consequently I now only ever order directly from Coles online to avoid the numerous package deliveries and the confusing process of determining whether the goods ordered actually arrive!