Betting cons taking an average of $18,000 from marks

Sports betting scams are sophisticated and can take a higher amount of money from consumers than other scams. The cons can include but are not limited to betting syndicates and predictive software.

Keep your eye out for betting scams and if you have a tip, post it below.

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A few years ago, one of my work colleague’s husband was almost hooked in by a unsolicited phone call from a horse racing gambling software (I mean scamware) company that made promises that their software guaranteed to pick winning horses making the user very wealthy. The cost back then (about 10 years ago) was around $5000 plus a monthly software maintenance fee which from recollection was about $500 per month. He been speaking to them a number of times and had almost been persuaded to buy con.

My alarm bells started ringing then he said that they wanted his credit card details and they wouldn’t give any contact details with exception of a phone number (they said they were on the Gold Coast but wouldn’t give any details when he asked to visit their office to see how the software worked). He was blinded by the promise to make him wealthy for what seemed a modest cost. I told him that if these scammers guarantee that they would make you wealthy, why didn’t they give you the software for free as they must be rolling in the success of using their own software. Also said that anyone dealing the way they were with him sounded like a scam, as if something seems too unreal, it possibly is. He then realised that it was a con and luckily bailed out before it was too late.


It’s amazing how seductive a promise like that can be for some people. Thanks for sharing the story :thumbsup:

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They don’t get much worse than this one.

Ponzi scammers and apparently corrupt police. Even Mick Gatto got warned off.


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