Better labelling on products containing known allergens

From the get go before I write anything more the onus was on me to check the panels containing the ingredients used in the Barley Sugar Confectionary shown in the photos .

Recently I had to undergo a colonoscopy . The medication I take has the side affect of my mouth becoming very dry . I was told by the medicos to purchase some Barley Sugar to alleviate the dryness in my mouth .

I woke about 1.00am in the morning prior to the procedure . My mouth was as dry as the Sahara so I unwrapped a Barley Sugar Lolly and popped it in my mouth . Immediately my tongue and lips started to tingle and swell . I spat the lolly out .

I put on my reading glasses and checked the ingredients . Still could not read them clearly so grabbed a magnifying glass . I’m very allergic to sulphites and as you can see in the photos one states it does contain sulphites and the other "may " contain it .

May contain is a bit late when you are flat on your back in an ambulance being rushed to hospital . I know manufacturers have to put " may contain " to cover their backsides legally .

What I propose is that a red star or similar is placed on the packet to draw attention to the fact that their may be an ingredient that is proven to cause a allergic reaction in some consumers . The Lollies in the packets are roughly the size of a 10 cent coin . I went back to one of the places I had purchased one of the packets from and asked a sales assistant if the product contained sulphites . They had trouble seeing if yes or no and proceeded to go to the main office and get a magnifying glass . Enough said.

By law all products that contain sulphites must state that . You should not have to use a magnifying glass to see same . Surely there is a better way .


Sounded like you had the onset of anaphylaxis? Hope you’re OK Mike.

Also hope that you still managed to have the colonoscopy. Going through the cleansing prior to the procedure is a pain in the A.

I agree with highlighting know allergens. The problem is that now days there are so many. It would be eminently sensible if all the ingredients were listed in a readable sized and clear font with your suggested star next to the more common ones. Then it’s caveat emptor.


Tamas I was able to go ahead with procedure . Results were good .I’m fine . Thanks for your concern .

I think the marking of packaging concerning contained allergens is one of those issues where the more consumers that bring it to the attention of the authorities the better . Some manufactures , not all , seem to be doing the minimum required by law to get their products on the shelves .


Glad the outcomes on both were good.