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Best & Worst Household Cleaning Products


An article about the best and worst household cleaning products as rated by Choice.

I tried to find it on Choice’s website but could not so perhaps it is a compilation of the best and worst from individual product category tests.


@Fred123 If you go to the home page it has a headline all of it’s own, near the top left of the web page as of today, but will move off it with updates.


I checked the Choice website after your reply this morning and I saw the post you mentioned, which has now disappeared.

I was originally using the search facility on the website which failed to find it and I have just tried searching again for “Best and worst household products of 2018” and it still fails to find it.

I will mention this problem to Brendan Mays.

Similarly, another problem I have previously mentioned to Brendan Mays is the erratic search facility on the Choice Community webpage.

For example, searching for the topic “What do you feed your cat or dog” will not bring up the correct topic until the word “cat” has been entered after “What do you feed your”.

I have also noted over the years that the search facilities on the websites of many large organisations such as the ATO and Telstra are next to useless, but if one does a Google search for the required item, it will usually find it on the organisation’s website.


Thanks for the feedback regarding the search functionality on our websites. We know it isn’t perfect and we’re working to continually improve this functionality :+1: