Best treatment for low back pain

Lower back pain can be difficult to treat effectively. We’ve looked at some common causes of back pain and the various ways you can return to good health.

Do you have tips for dealing with back pain? Please share with the Community below.


The best treatment is prevention. Most of us sit down a lot, possibly too much. If you do then have a good chair that fits your body. Not all ergonomic chairs are well designed and not all of them are your size. No matter how good it is don’t sit in it for long periods of time! Make sure that you get up and stretch and walk about at least every hour, preferably every half hour. If you need to concentrate intensely then break your work into chunks that allow and encourage you to come up for air regularly.


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Do you have tips for dealing with back pain? [/quote]

I very ocassionally get a bit of lower back pain, and find that going for a long ride on the mountain bike generally helps clear it up. I suspect the benefit is partly due to the exercise, and partly due to the shaking I get from the terrible potholed gravel road surface I have to ride on to go anywhere, helping to free up siezed/tight back muscles.

In a previous job I was often sitting for up to 15 hours straight from late afternoon-overnight, but got up and moved around when it got a bit uncomfortable, after anything from 30 mins to a couple of hours on the not very comfy chair. I generally went for long bike rides in the afternoons then too, with not much in the way of back pain, despite the long hours in a chair.