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Our 2023 pillow review is out now (member content). Or, you can check out our buying guide for general tips on buying the best pillow for your needs, such as which types of pillow will suit your sleeping style.

What’s your sleeping style, and have you found a pillow that works best for you?

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Had a look at the pillows review. Replaced our pillows last year, but was curious.

Who did the review?

Latex and memory are recommended. NOT one downs is recommended. Why are we supposed to sleep on synthetic?

One of the worst reviews I’ve seen in a long time.


Hi @annaa63,
Since you were asking about the pillow review your post has been moved to the Community topic which links to the latest review.

My reading of the recommendations by Choice and the results also is latex and memory foam pillows rated in the top spots. There is a direct link in the first line of @BrendanMays opening post.

I found the review, in particular as a side sleeper most helpful. I’ve been sleeping on memory foam or latex pillows. It takes a few attempts to find one with the right height to suit my frame.

I know others who love down/feather pillows. My experiences of them has varied. Perhaps you could offer some suggested brands and models for next time?

The best of the non synthetic fills I’ve slept on were buckwheat pillows experienced in Japanese accommodation. They can take some adjusting and can settle a little during the night. I’m not confident they would be a long lasting choice for our climate?


I have had down pillows since almost forever and cannot manage with latex, memory foam, or anything else. The ‘How we test’ may explain it

We down lovers understand the pillow is to be cradled and cuddled and fluffed, not treated like a random inanimate object meant to prop up one’s head. Furthermore down needs daily fluffing and a bit more TLC than others. The criteria is almost designed to avoid rewarding the comforts of quality down.

Note also the only down pillow represented is 50-50 down-feathers and not exactly top flight even if the price looks like it. The untested 85-15 alternative is a ‘real down pillow’ in comparison to the tested also ran that is technically a down pillow :wink:

We have a few of these untested 80-20 goose down pillows and have been quite happy with them. The duck versions not so much. The company also rejuvenates them for a reasonable price.

A sales claim from years ago that seems to be accurate and is something to consider is European sourced down is supposedly softer than Chinese sourced down, but also priced accordingly.


Another natural filler is kapok. It has supposed resistance to dust mites, it is a disputed claim.


The review is based in comfort, firmness and long term durability.

I for one rate comfort most highly, irrespective of the pillow construction material. Getting a good night/comfortable sleep is essential, especially since lack of sleep has been linked with preventable medical conditions.

After comfort, I would then look at construction materials and durability…with preference to non-synthetic if they stacked up. Unfortunately, the pillows Choice had in their test, not all pillows were equal.


We have just released our latest pillow review (accessible via the link above).

Plus, here’s some advice on deciding whether you might need a new pillow:

How to dispose of pillows:

And finally, how to clean your pillows:

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