Best microwave for Lite N Easy please

Hi we are using a Whirlpool 800w microwave at present but we intend to use Lite n Easy soon
Their heating instructions are based on 1000w microwave and would like to avoid recalculating powers all the time
Our microwave is around twenty years old - used every day - and has never caused a problem in its life but we think maybe it has earned retirement like us
Would value your experience with using a modern microwave to heat Lite n Easy or similar if possible
Kind regards


The latest (June 2021) Choice review (member content) is

Selecting ‘Compare All’ produces a table and the wattage for each tested microwave is near the bottom of the list of characteristics. There are a few rated at 1000W. There are also buying guides and other Microwave ‘usage hint’ articles on the Choice web site.


I would keep using it. It could continue to last for many years…and possibly longer than a new replacement microwave. Throwing out something which is working well not only creates waste, but is a waste of money.

You can use the general multiplier 1.25 when looking at the heating instructions, that being:

You can print this off and keep it on top of the microwave to use when needed.

As your microwave has a bit of age, the magnetron have not be as efficient in generating microwave energy as it was when it was new, and you might need to add 10 seconds or more to the above times.


Thanks very much - just wanted to make things simpler for my dear Wife - as there are two ov us we had a trial run of Lite n Easy and we really enjoyed the meals but we could only fit one meal in at a time
I think that years ago it was possible to buy a plastic stand that would enable placing two meals at once or am I dreaming
Really appreciate your advise - have just printed and saved it

Happy Easter

Kindest regards


It appears they are available, mostly from China and ‘not here’.

Click on this hotlink for search results or if you do not like to ‘click through’ search on the term 'Microwave Oven Shelf Double Layered Heating Rack.

Note that when multiple meals are put in any microwave at a single time it does take longer and the results can be anywhere from poor to good microwave and meal dependent; if you buy one it might take some experimentation to find the best settings. That setting will not be the instructions on the package.


Yes, they are probably still available, try kitchen section at the two dollar shop, Big W or even your supermarket. That would mess up the time to reheat though, you would need to approximately double it. Microwave cooking isn’t like electric (or gas) oven cooking. It might be simpler to do one at a time as no time would be saved.


We used to have one that could stack up to 4 plates. In theory good for a family. In practice the spacing of the shelving was too close to be practical. Worth checking before buying.

When reheating meals, even just 2 spread adequately apart by height the results were not good. One plate heated up more than the other.

The old style microwave which varies the powered unpowered cycle time to achieve lower settings was also never ideal. IE supplied full power in bursts causing the potions of a meal near the edges to bubble and boil while the centre remained cold or uncooked.

We replaced the old microwave with a modern more efficient inverter driven MW. Reheating and cooking is easier to control. The plate stacker is long gone. When using the microwave for 2 or more we tend to cook one food product at a time, or add shorter cooking time items part way through They are so quick the food stays hot if the MW safe container (heat proof glass or china) is placed on a tea towel.


Thanks very much - the microwave we have is old but does a wonderful job so will keep it for now - just thought we could heat two together to eat together

Our test run is in progress and the food is marvellous - in our opinion

Kind regards



If you do stack or place both meals in the microwave at the same time, rotate or swap the plates (upper plate become the lower plate and visa versa). Also stir the foods, if it can be stirred. Do this say 2-3 times in the reheating cycle. Doing such as assist in more even reheating if there are ‘cool zones’ within your microwave.

If you stack, the higher the better (greater separation between plates). There is a old myth that microwaves penetrate through food heating it from the inside out. This isn’t true as microwaves excite water atoms that they hit. On excitation, the microwave energy is lost. If the water atoms are on the food surface, then these ones will heat first.

If the plates are close on top of each other, the food in the middle close to the middle of the gap between the plates won’t heat all that well, causing uneven heating.


Now I understand very clearly - I was a dill and thought that both meals would heat simultaneously but I was way off the mark

Decided to keep the current microwave until a replacement is necessary and as the wife prefers her food hotter than me - will heat mine first and wait for my wife’s meal to be ready
Thanks for all the information
Kind regards peter


Hi we have a Whirlpool 27L microwave 850w that needs replacing - intending to buy Lite n Easy soon and it suggests 1100w power. Know we can calculate time but What do you recommend
Kind regards

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