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I’m planning a new home & would like to use composite timber for my deck + screening. I’ve done various searches but have not found any reviews the available products. I’d be eternally grateful to hear from people in the know so I can make the best informed decision. Thanks so much.

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I personally would struggle to understand reviews on what is essentially a building material. The reason being every owner is going to treat their floors differently and ‘lab test experiences’ are at best guides for consumers and rarely replicated in the real world. Some issues - will it be in full sun in FNQ or Melbourne rain and mist and shaded/under roofing or open to the elements? How much traffic on them?

Many sites have anecdotal customer reviews, this being a well known one. Note only the Ekodeck product appears for ‘composite decking’.

Buying a product from a reputable business and having a good warranty might seem enough, but how well a company honours its warranty is as or more important than the warranty T&C. That being written I have yet to notice any composite decking (or outdoor furniture made with composites) looking sad, but then I have no idea on how long it has been in use or anything else about it.

Perhaps someone with experience will add to this?


Hi @natlux, welcome to the community.

The community has discussed composite decking in a number of existing threads.

These threads may contain some information which is useful to you.


Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. And apologies for my delayed response- I thought I’d posted but it seems I hadn’t.

I’d already see the Ekodeck & Modwood reviews & was hoping there might be more recent reviews, or people within this community that have first hand experience with composite decking. I’m looking at using Futurewood Xtreme decking, as used at Sea World. I actually went there last month the see the product & was really impressed with it, especially given that it has been used in the seal enclosure for >10yrs.


Thanks so much for your time in posting these. And again I apologise- I thought I’d replied but have realised that I hadn’t.

I was hoping for reviews on other composite decking companies but they aren’t that easy to find.


What is the best composite decking material exposed to weather. Looking for suggestions.

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You might get some good ideas from reading through this existing topic.


Welcome to the Community @BMH.

Your post was moved into this existing topic about composite decking by a moderator. As @isopeda has posted, reading through this topic hopefully will give you some good information and other users may also respond to your post with helpful suggestions.

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It’s suggested in one of the earlier posts site conditions differ greatly across Australia. Looking more locally one site may have a north facing deck in an open hillside position with good ventilation and dry ground. A neighbour not too far away near a flooding creek with a shaded low set south facing deck and frequent damp ground conditions may need a different product/solution for the best life.

Looking to the technical content and brochures one needs to find the answers for how the product performs in your site conditions. One wisdom is to look around the local area for others with similar deck installs. The decks that are still looking great after 5-10 years might be the product best suited. Suppliers will provide local references if asked. Best to be cautious of any that have had recent installs. All new decks look great for the first few years.

To note composite decks generally advise against pressure cleaning. Soft broom, soapy water and light hose the most common recommendations. Composite decking is typically designed to use a proprietary clip type fastening system. Important to note if retrofitting an existing deck. Top fastening by screw or nail top is not recommended for many composites.