Best brand oven

We’ve calculated Australia’s best oven brand (member content) using:

    1. Average test score – 40%
    1. Brand reliability – 30%
    1. Customer satisfaction – 20%
    1. Recommended ratio – 10%

Oven types include steam, wall, freestanding or double oven brand. Do you have a favourite brand? Tell us in the comments below.


We bought a Smeg oven. Good oven but we have to have a thermometer in the oven as the temperature dial is useless. One marked setting is for 170, the next is 210. There is nothing marked for 180 the most common heat setting.


Mine has digital with 5C increments. I put the thermometer away - even though the thermometer did not follow the dial setting in many of the modes (the thermometer is fairly accurate) we found it cooks right on schedule so the cooking temperature must be very close to setting. A repairman advised mine has an electronic sensor to control it.

Since you have a dial, and if you have enough rotational space between 170 and 210, etc, you can use automotive pin striping tape to add a position. Add your own markers next time you have it on 180, etc. The tape adheres well and is resistant to heat.


Thanks for your suggestion, I have considered various options but my point was to draw attention to the poor design. As consumers we should not need to make any modifications such as marking the dial ourselves to overcome a deficiency in the design.