Best brand air conditioner

Our CHOICE customer insights team grilled 7738 members in the annual CHOICE survey about whether they’ve run into any problems with their air conditioner in the last 12 months. We’ve looked at the:

Average test score – 40%
Brand reliability – 30%
Customer satisfaction – 20%
Recommended ratio – 10%

With all the numbers put together, we can now reveal the best air conditioner brands for the year (member content):


From my reading of the article it was concentrating on the split system varieties. Perhaps the title should add Split System between the Brand and Air rather than just Best Brand Air Conditioner to make it clear that the results are about Split Systems :slight_smile:


Fascinating as I am currently shopping for one. Virtually all of the HVAC companies are behind a single brand, not the Choice choice. Part of it is they do not have to compete against HN, GoodGuys, or Bunnings with the ‘professionals only’ brand, but they universally comment on reliability and customer satisfaction.

FWIW one of the better Choice models in the ‘large segment’ is apparently made in China, and although it is a Big Brand for Evaporative Cooling, it seems no HVAC company wants to touch their split system.

Perhaps buying some things is not so simple as just performance testing.


Opps! The table notes keep referring to ‘oven’! Yeah, I know some of them are hot - but not that HOT!


Well, what an amazing turnaround for LG following their previous disastrous reviews on Choice.

There were the LG room aircons that used far more power than was stated, causing Choice to get the ACCC to actually do something and obtain rebates for misled consumers.

Then there was the aircon review where an LG unit and its replacement both failed so they could not be tested.

Now Choice has rated LG second ahead of Daikin, with Fujitsu being fifth out of 6 brands, and with LG achieving the highest score in Choice’s latest Air conditioner reviews.

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Thanks for the heads up, will pass on for correction :+1:

**Edit: article is updated with corrections.