Bench Top Dishwashers

Does anyone use a bench top dishwasher. Can you please tell me what it’s like, are they worth the money


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I have bench top dishwasher, its a Chinese brand sold under the Midea name. I have no space for a full sized one. It cost me $406 from StarSparky, but its now available on those cheap sites like Kogan, MyDeal etc, for mid 300s. I had no expectation of it lasting very long, but then I don’t use it daily. I’ll post a link or two at the bottom of this.

Things I like: its small enough to fit on the bench top; it doesn’t need to be plumbed in; its easy to load and filters are fairly standard, and easy to clean; it has a window so you can see it working - the cat seems to enjoy his “TV”. You can fit a two way fitting to your tap, and add a hose (theres an inlet at the back) but the hose is not supplied. It only needs (demands) 5L of water to do the job. And it does the job well in most cases (I pre rinse so that helps. It has separate cycles for all kinds of things, even fruit and veg (for which a basket is provided, and baby bottles, and glass. Otherwise there are three standard cycles: 3 hr,1hr and 15 mins. The racks can fold down and away, I haven’t needed to do that but I’ve seen some crits of other d/ws which don’t have that.

Things I don’t like: Its probably a throwaway like the Devanti mentioned, but its much cheaper so over the time, its probably OK although I hate unrepairables. Only 3 place settings. I can fit four bowls, two plates (my dinner plates are too big), two glasses, 3 coffee mugs, and cutlery. It doesn’t fit my saucepans/frypans but I prefer to wash those by hand in any case. The drying part of any of the wash cycles seems a waste, only a few things dry properly (ah well, we all still have teatowels, right? The provided cutlery rack is as useful as a bicycle to a fish. There’s a separate tray which is theoretically to fit more cups… but I don’t have any small enough so I use that for cutlery. Works well.

Some on Productreview have said it breaks after a few months, I’m guessing they use it daily. I don’t, its weekly or twice weekly and a year later its still cracking on. I kind of expect it to “go” any time but so far so good.

Links: On Kogan the price is now $499, it was $369 a year ago. The link is to the Midea site but given that most resellers have sold out, and its looks to me like its been superseded by larger models… keep looking :slight_smile: